Upcoming KDramas September 2014 Pt 1

Whoa. September is just round the weekend? Still remember feeling a wee bit perplexed that February crept on me when I still felt as though 2014 just nudged in o_O

The Spring Day of My Life:


The successor to Fated To Love You’s slot, MBC gives us a Melo/ Romance Drama about Lee Bom-Yi (Sooyoung) received heart transplant and a man, Kang Dong-Ha (Kam Woo-Sung) a rancher.

A single parent, Dong-Ha raises his two children by himself to the best of his abilities. However, despite the loss, he still loves his wife very much.

We can kind of see the trajectory of their fateful meeting: Lee Bom-Yi inadvertently bumps into Kang Dong-Ha and he is baffled how this stranger seems to share many similar traits as his late wife.

  • Genre:          Melodrama/ Romance/ Human interest
  • Episodes:      tba
  • Broadcaster:  MBC
  • Start Date:     Sept 10 2014
  • Air time:         Wed-Thur 22:00hrs


Secret Door:


Drama series based on the conflict between King Yeongjo (Han Suk-Kyu) and Crown Prince Sado (Lee Je-Hoon). King Yeongjo condones strong royal authority, while Crown Prince Sado insists on equality for all. What a great start to a Royal Bickering.

King Yeongjo’s reign is the longest in Joseon history (ie. 52 years) and it also involves on of the more controversial deaths in a Royal Household. The drama’s plot deals with uncovering the secret shrouding Crown Prince Sado’s death.

Coincidentally, Lee Je Hoon’s co-star in Fashion King, Yoo Ah In, is currently filming 사도 (Sa-Do) as well playing the same tragic character.
Did I miss the alignment of planets o_O?

This drama replaces Temptation.

  • Genre:          Sageuk
  • Episodes:      24
  • Broadcaster:  SBS
  • Start Date:     Sept 10 2014
  • Air time:        Mon -Tues 22:00hrs


The Greatest Wedding:


Drama series follows love lives and marriages of four different couples with a single mother as the central figure.

  • Genre:           Romance/ Human interest
  • Episodes:        16
  • Broadcaster:  CSTV
  • Start Date:     Sept 2014
  • Air time:         Wed-Thur 22:00hrs




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