Fated To Love You Ep 18: What. A. Comeback!!

Three restless years of unresolved misunderstandings, noble idiocy and misplaced presumptions (and festering guilt) were obliterated with the reveal of Geonnie’s heartbreaking vulnerable videos to his future self.

It took one gutsy lady to race to him and stay by his side, come what may.


“Breaking News on Live TV: CEO LG has called for a press conference for an important announcement” and Haelmoni is getting more distressed. MY runs into the living room to ask for LG’s whereabouts, and found her answer blaring from the TV. MY rushes out but runs into hordes of reporters who are already sniffing for latest bits to add on to the hot news.

JangIn Corporation:

The “Anti-LG” Elder and his cohorts are preening with glee in one corner, while ST and faithful Dragon stand across the room which is already set up for a major press con. Everyone is waiting for the highlight of the show. MY is frantically waving down taxis, anxious to arrive at the venue in time.

LG is alone on stage, confirming the truth about his genetic disease and he understands the difficult position the Board must be in entrusting him to run the organization. Hence he is officially announcing his resignation as CEO. He respectfully bows to the audience and MY finally arrives at the press con. She knows everything and walks closer to LG who stands stupefied on stage.

MY dares LG to look into her eyes and continue to lie to her. She knows the truth why he keeps pushing her away. LG demands ST to drag MY out. She still stands her ground and dares him to confidently live his life without her then she will really let him go.

MY:  Geonnie-Sshi, are you stupid? [gets on the stage] Why are you worrying in advance about the hard times I might face? Don’t do that.

LG is tearing up.

MY:  Why? … because of a disease that hasn’t occurred yet, why do we have to be sad, be despaired or cry in advance? We can cry when it actually happens.

LG:  Look Kim Mi Young-Sshi. Don’t misunderstand. Even if you say that you found out everything, nothing changes. My disease won’t change, and I… I don’t have the right to love you.

MY approaches LG, grabs his lapels and beseeches him, “Why do you need a ‘right’ to love? I’m saying that it’s ok. That ticking bomb, even if we don’t know when it will explode, don’t be scared in advance. No matter what happens, I won’t let you be alone, even when you are hurt.  I LOVE YOU.


❤ ❤ ❤

Geonnie is shocked to the core! The Elders are doubly shocked! LG is tearing up…





Luxurious Hotel:

Seems that they made haste to a piece of heaven – with no overnight bags 😀

They are in Room 2006 (AWWW!). MY wants to talk with LG in a peaceful environment, so she sought ST’s help in booking the hotel room. LG is still thinking how MY shamelessly launched herself onto him with everyone witnessing her declaration of love.

LG and MY are discussing about the seriousness of his illness. MY asks LG why he didn’t tell her about his illness. In true Geonnie-style, he yells at her about worrying he might forget about her. That his body may fail him, so how can he shamelessly ask her to stay by his side? But all that does not faze MY.

Then she asked him if he will abandon her should she a ticking bomb is strapped onto her? LG gets riled up and states he will do his best to save her. If he can’t cut off all the lines of the rainbow to defuse the bomb, he will stay together with her. Even if that meant costing his life. Then it dawned on him what MY has been trying to since the press conference. She smiles when she sees the revelation etched on his handsome face.

ep18_LGMYtalkAftKissShe takes his hands in hers and reassures him, “Even if you push me away, I’m not going to move a step.”

They are sharing a meal, LG sits at the head of the table, giggling happily. LG seems be walking on cloud nine and is pleased he is actually eating with MY at the same table.

LG:  It seems like I am dreaming right now. Listen carefully. A dove, dove, dove! That’s a dove. There is one, no, two doves flying. Oh, there are more than four of them flying over there! MY-Sshi, the fact that I’m eating with you on the same table, seems like a dream.

MY then rests her cutlery on her plate and looks at LG knowingly. Enticing him to lean closer towards her. LG is surprised to see this coy side of MY and had to take a second to compose his macho self before leaning in, expecting a kiss… but she pinches his right cheek hard and admonishes him for lying to her for the past 3 years instead. He offers his other cheek for punishment as well. SO CUTE!! LOL!

LG’s Operation Kiss The Girl Part 2: Failure.

He just keeps staring at her, with a glint of determination in his eyes. I SHALL PREVAIL!

He pokes at her shoulder, and then runs his right hand “casually” along the length of her arm.

LG:  Are we sleeping here tonight together? So, what’s going to happen?

MY has her pragmatic hat on so she says they should stay in the night so that the money spent is not wasted. LG is Over the Moon! XD



… and then the snail “claws” emerge but MY remains cool as a cucumber!

Bed Scene:

The King-sized bed looks even bigger with the two of them occupying end most sides of it. He gestures towards the “Big Valley”. What can LG do to close the gap, but not being too obvious about it?

LG makes an odd sound and explains that he is yawning (LOL!!) He feigns tiredness and informs that he is going to sleep, and conveniently plops his body across the chasm 🙂

This is very likely LG’s Operation Kiss The Girl Part 3.

He mentions that he can’t remember how the first kiss was due to the crowd. “Ta-shi Ham-bon” Can we try one more time? OMG he has to spell it out too!! K-I-Double S!


ST, you have lousy timing! :/

ST is very happy for LG and informs him of the love story that’s melting the nation, thanks to their “ero level of skinship”. And also that the company is not accepting his resignation. Everything is On Hold. It was so cute to see ST reminding LG to end his night with a BANG! LG looks horrified. Kiss, kiss and then Bang-BANG! Ending Bang-Bang-BANG! XD XD

OMG I’m laughing So Hard!!!

LG then barks at ST for the ill-timed call, ends it:

LG:  MY-ah, I’m coming! You frozen ice!

and leaps his way back to MY… but she has fallen asleep. LOL!! LG is disappointed with the missed opportunity, but is happy that she’s finally back in his life and there will always be more chances for kissy-kissy time. He whispers his thanks to her and holds her to sleep.

Next Day at Lee Household:

MY tells Haelmoni of her decision to stay be LG’s side. Haelmoni doesn’t seem to agree because his illness can recur again. She shares some information about LG’s grandfather. She only found out of his condition when they were married. She is worried about MY because she knows what lies ahead of her being with someone who is afflicted with the illness. MY affirms her decision to be with LG. She asks for Haelmoni’s blessings to stay by LG.

Board Meeting at JangIn Corporation:

The Elder who dislikes LG continues his campaign to rid of the capable CEO. Everyone begins to argue amongst themselves. The members go ahead with a vote of confidence to keep LG. Even Dragon votes Yes 🙂

LG enters the room and announces his presence. The Elder questions him if he plans to keep to his word about resigning. LG starts by saying he is resigning as CEO of JangIn Chemicals as of that day. WHAT?  Even Dragon looks flummoxed.

But! The “retirement” will last for only 3 months. He’s merely going on a vacation, and someone else will step in during his absence. The “Anti LG” Elder becomes a little antsy. LG snaps his fingers signalling to ST who opens the door – Haelmoni swoops in like a Goddess of War.

Man, she SCHOOLS the entire Board of Directors in her inaugural speech! LG gestures to them “I’ve got my eyes on You” and looks at Haelmoni, beaming with pride.


cr: mywebfoot of Soompi Forum

cr: mywebfoot of Soompi Forum


DP and MY:

MY thanks DP for everything he has done for her. If it weren’t for him, she would have left for Paris not knowing the truth. DP looks sad, but he jokes about doing a good thing by making that U-Turn. MY nods, grateful to DP. MY apologizes profusely to DP for not being able to return his affection. DP stops her and says he needs some time to deal with his feelings to lessen the awkwardness. He has been by her side for three years, after all.


He is pacing back and forth. He is worried about something that may be off with him. His mum comes in and inquires if he was alright. He thought he lost his wallet, but remembered it was in his bag. And then he heard his phone’s ring tone, but he had misplaced that quite a while ago. He is concerned he might also have the same disease as LG. His mum inquires whether it was possible that he too carries the same illness? Mum has something to share with Dragon…

LG and MY return to the Lee Household:

They bump into Dragon who was clearly stricken with worry. He dashes out of the house.  MY the Angel excuses herself from LG and trails after Dragon. LG turns to see his step-mum trudge down the stairs, looking rather defeated.

She begins with an apology for leaking his illness to the press, not expecting it to grow out of control. Then, she passes a journal to LG.  LG is curious as to her motive for giving him the journal. She apologizes for all the things she has plotted against him all this time and the journal was a peace offering.

MY finds Dragon in tears, all curled up sitting on the playground bench. He shares with MY the truth that he just found out from his mum. Apparently, Dragon is not LG’s half brother. When she went to live with LG’s dad, she brought her little son with her. LG’s dad (who knew of his illness then) also took the noble idiocy ticket. He left her but he did leave the journal.

Dragon is devastated when he discovers he’s not related to them. He likes halmoni and hyung so much and also hyungsu (MY). He tells MY not to call him brother-in-law anymore but MY says to him, once she calls him that, he will forever be brother-in-law to her. Dragon hugs her. Awww 😥

ep18_LGReadJournal01Flashback, the story begins with his late dad leaving his mother and Little Geonnie watches the scene unfold. LG’s dad had recurring memory lost, but did not share his illness with his wife. He believed his loved ones will have a hard time because of him and didn’t want to leave them in such pain.
He was also sorry towards the other person who has been taking care of him. He couldn’t give them his heart, but he could at least provide a place of comfort for them. Despite not being with LG, he has never once stopped thinking about him and always writes into the journal about his real family.
LG tears up understanding why his father did what he thought he had to do.
He realizes history almost repeated itself, and he thanks MY for returning to him and accepting for who he is, a Chaebol with degenerative illness.
ep18_HaelNag01LG asks for Haelmoni’s permission to live together with MY immediately. She says ANDWEI!
Why can’t I? Have you gotten permission from MY’s mum? He hasn’t and Haelmoni reminds that both of them should do so.  And LG clarifies that should they get the green light then it’s alright to move out of the household? He’s noticeably excited that Haelmoni says yes….
And her complaints go on and on even when they have left the room 😀
MY visits her mum at the restaurant to seek her blessings for MY & LG’s decision to live together. Although Omeoni likes LG to bits, she just cannot bear to witness the hard times MY will face on her own should LG leave her one day. Hence, no stamp of approval from Omeoni.

SeRa and DP:

It’s DP’s turn to get some solace from drinking after parting ways with MY. SeRa finds him sussed and unable to make it to his loft on his own.


MY and LG at her Art Studio:

MY is drawing a portrait of Geon. For someone who’s supposed to be on vacation, he still dresses up like he’s at the office. It’s so cute they’re using this opportunity to check each other out.  MY asks LG about how to convince Omeoni. He replies and walks over to peek at the drawing. LG is feeling rather frisky just then and moves closer and begins his “Operation”…
And Mr. Bad Timing interjects again!  Lol!! He is glad to be able to address her as the Boss’s Wife again. ST places a few brochures on the table. It is LG’s grandeur way of telling to choose where you want to go and live with me. MY suggests something else, a place less luxurious to LG instead.

MY’s old apartment:

JY is excited to see both LG & MY. LG finally makes the connection that the matchmaker is MY’s friend. JY invites them in and proceeds to handle them like a “Couple Manager” LOL! JY  knows they would like to have some privacy especially from the family and hatches a “Home Exhange” program: LG & MY at JY’s and JY stays over at their crib XD XD The contract looks so legit, especially with LG & MY’s seals stamped on it!

And, they’re putting on fresh bed linens! WOO HOO!!

LG:  Let’s test out the bed…



Cleaning the Floor The Geonnie Way 😀

His request for some “down time” is rather cute: send the Mandarin ducks via the Robo Floor Cleaner XD

That night, MY opens the jewelry box and finds the chip from Macau. Flashback to the moment he handed her the chip:

LG:  It’s the chip that made you Lady Luck. We can’t always win the game of life, but as long as you have that “chip” you will always have hope and the chance, so keep it well.

She smiles and tears up as she remembers that moment. LG comes laughing into the room and she quickly turns to the side and surreptitiously wipes her tears. LG caught her in the act and his mood changes to one of concern.

LG:   If nothing happened, then why are you crying? (wipes the damp trail on her cheek) Tell me, what is it?

MY:  It’s because I like it –

LG:   You are crying because you like it?  What is it? Hurry up and tell me.

MY:  (smiles and waves the chip in front of LG) By any chance do you remember this?

LG:   Ah, this! Isn’t this the chip I gave to you when we were in Macau? You had this all along?

MY:  I can’t believe that you are by my side.

LG:   Because I can’t believe it either, I always look here and there to make sure you’re there. But now you can’t. You can’t disappear this time from my life. You need to stay put right beside me.  Just like this chip.

MY:  (nods her head in agreement) Just like you said, I’ll really be like this chip.

LG:   (touches his forehead against hers, eyes closed) You need to stay by my side for sure, forever. Just like the chip, got it?

Camera zooms out from the sweet couple and focuses on the Mandarin ducks in the foreground… rice pounding activities presumed to follow suit.

I need a moment to let the Feels Assault subside…


One more for the long wait to the final week…





  1. Omg!!! I just watched the whole thing…and my heart just melted! I don’t want this show to end. I want another baby from them! Finally our OTP is back together and they are as cute as ever! Cleaning together….omgoosh for back hugs!!!!!! So I am a bit confused, why did gun’s dad take in the mistress? So he really wasn’t having an affair?


    1. Sorry for the delay! Had to take care of some major spring cleaning 🙂
      LG’s dad didn’t have a mistress after all. He was grateful to her for looking after him and rewarded her & the son with a place of comfort. But his heart remained with LG & his mum. He didn’t want to burden his real family with hardship and pain that can outlive his own life.

      Episode 18 was like a Phoenix rising from the ashes! And my Handsome and cheeky JH!!! DIES!!! XD


      1. Lol I hate cleaning! It is so much work. Haha but I think I hate laundry more!! So why does dragon’s mom calls herself a mistress? Just so they can live with granny right. They do make a cute couple! I love how he touches her hand when they were laying in bed together. Ah all those interrupted kissing. Blah! I am becoming serverly depressed.


      2. I think Dragon’s mum merely went into “survival mode”. She must’ve realized LG’s father could only provide so much when he was alive. We’re not told how Dragon & Mum was introduced to the Lee Household (remember her describing living in a basement when she first arrived in Seoul with Dragon). A single mum with a kid may not have many options back in those days, so she could’ve taken that “supposed Mistress” route especially to secure a future for Dragon.


  2. i really love the creativity of the entire production team(of course, the Jang couple as well). This episode just wanna make me sing— kiss me baby, kiss, kiss, kiss me tonight!!! AWWW!!!


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