Song Ga Yeon: Welcome To Your Real Future


Song Ga Yeon is the latest member of SBS’ Room Mate to leave the show following Park Bom and Lee Sora. It is also rather uncanny that the three of them were literally Bedroom-Mates and their amiability towards each other seemed genuine.

The earlier episodes of this reality show was quite promising, as it entered a time slot that was previously dominated by another SBS’ major show called KPop Star.

Within three episodes, the camaraderie between the Ga Yeon, Park Bom and SoRa  was palpable and they even sat for a tarot card reading just for the fun of it. And it was revealed that Lee Dong Wook has a certain degree of “involvement” in GY and PB’s lives. LOL!

Dun Dun DuuunnN!

Dun Dun DuuunnN!

It was quite clear from the beginning that LDW saw GY as the little sister of the family and was rather bewitched with GY’s way of speaking (ie zero aegyo, very very formal, almost military-like). Although Park Min Woo spent most air-time with GY, DW has the uncanny ability to connect with people on a deeper level and have meaningful conversations with them.

Wookie is So Happy for GY :D

Wookie and Se Ho are So Happy for GY 😀

He discovered how much the debut meant to GY and what it took her to get to the point of No Return. And it was especially touching to see him tear up while watching GY being introduced to the madding crowd, all revved to see her debut. Just like a proud Big Bro 🙂

Qualifying for her match was extremely nerve-wrecking not only for her but the Coaching staff as well. She had to lose considerable amount of weight (through sheer effort and dogged determination) and when she stepped on the scales, her weight was still 200gms over. Dayum o_O.

What does she do? Gets the Road FC Ring Girls, a huge towel, and asks them to cover her while she strips her gear off on stage and steps onto the scale one more time. Like a BAUCE! XD

Ain’t no wimpy 200gms-over shiatz is gonna stop me from entering that ring!

After successfully winning her debut match, GY naturally has to get into the lifestyle groove of a professional MMA fighter. Hence, filming for Room Mate takes second or third priority. Perhaps even to the lowest rung.

Leap of Joy (and relief) after referee deems her winner by TKO

Leap of Joy (and relief) after referee deems her winner by TKO.  Photo cr: TVReport


Those are her real family. Band of Fighters. Her Coaches. Her Brothers for Life.

Those are her real family. Band of Fighters. Her Coaches. Her Brothers for Life.  Photo cr: Newsen

In any case, I’m thankful to the show for introducing a fearsome female MMA fighter from South Korea who has the inner strength of a Super Hero.

Song Ga Yeon, you may not be on Reality TV show as often, but I shall follow your Real Journey in spearheading a sport that is taking Asia, and the Rest of The World by storm.

During her trip back to Jeju to absorb some good mojo before her fight, she was jamming to this song with Se Ho and Dongwook. This one’s for you gurl 😀


Song Ga Yeon! FIGHTING! XD



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