Fated To Love You Ep 17: One Word For You – OMO!

Do we get boulders of guilt upended, and misunderstandings expunged from the realm of LG and MY? It’s Episode freakin’ Seventeen already!

And I do not want to see Happy, Sexy and Cute crammed into the last 15 minutes of the FINALE.

ARASSO Writer-nim? 😮


Face-off, well, Mask-off, and they face each other in MY’s studio, with Le Soupir tucked safely by LG’s side. Does he finally say the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth?



Let’s give a WILD guess judging from how LG responds to MY’s accusations…

MY:  Then, what about the things you told me? What about those feelings of comforting and embracing me?

LG:   I’m sorry. There was nothing I could do. It would be be funny if I stepped in myself. That’s fake, it’s fake. I made a mistake. I’m sorry. Sorry.

MY:  Do you know what kind of person Unnie Young Ja was to me? “Ah!, I’ve met someone who can understand what I feel” “I’ve met someone who recognize the paintings I draw.” I was comforted that much. I was that much thankful.

LG:  Let’s stop here. Okay, I get it. So let’s end it here. The only thing I need to apologize to you was not saying I was LYJ. That’s it. Truthfully, it wasn’t easy to reveal. You firmly believed in it.

MY is fairly disgusted & somewhat betrayed by LG’s actions and snatches Le Soupir from him, especially after he pretends to declare that the painting was merely a painting, and nothing more than that.

Gallant but foolishly stubborn LG walks away, leaving MY in tears. And DP sees LG stepping out of the studio. He had a glimpse of the heartache etched on LG’s face and has an inkling of LG’s true affections for MY which he works so hard to conceal.

Meeting @ JangIn Corporation:

Kang Ha Neul is the next spokesperson for their new big launch! They are discussing about the upcoming project with other management personnel in the conference room. Their foray into the China market is steadily growing since Macau. LG is asked for his opinion about the idea of creating a premium site for online shopping, but LG seems to be either in deep thought or deep sleep 😀

Next day, MY is busy packing up her work in the studio and DP asks her what transpired. She seems preoccupied and rather not speak to him about it. She apologizes for not being able to keep her promise of staying throughout the duration of the Bieniele. MY wants to return to Paris immediately. MY discloses that the person who purchased Le Soupir was LG.

LG on the other hand is having dinner with SeRa, and it’s his moment to download his sorrows and heartache. He really is struggling to the brink of insanity, holding in his affection for MY.

LG:  Sera…

SR:  Hmm?

LG:  A few days ago, your mother came looking for me.

SR:  I heard about it. I’m sorry.

LG:  [deep sigh] You’re having a hard time, right? Being in just a friendly relationship with me (omg the tenderness in his voice slays me! o_O )

SR:  No.

LG:  Let’s stop now. Being friends.

SR:  Geon…

LG:  You should also throw away your lingering feelings.  Our SeRa has to be happy too, right?

SR:  Why are you like that all of a sudden?

LG:  [takes another swig] SeRa, no matter how much I tried, no matter how much I try, what’s not to be doesn’t work. What’s not meant to be is just not meant to be.


MY’s Art Studio:

The Sponsor drops by to congratulate her on her first collaboration success with JangIn. He mentions he received a request for MY’s attendance at an interview especially because of her appealing commercial. He recommends that she participates in the event as her farewell before leaving for Paris.

MY finally catches up with her good friend JY. They talk about her foray in the Matseon scene. She even suggests to sign MY up as her client so that she can match them up as a couple. Apparently LG is her VVIP customer (thanks to Haelmoni’s meddling XD )

MY:  What do you mean that person goes on blind dates? (she recollects the Necklace on SeRa scene)

Can SHE be THE ONE who SAVES them?! PLEASE?!

JY:  What are you saying? Nothing! He’s been perfectly single for three years. Right now the Chairwoman is worried that something is going on with her grandson. You probably know about it! How was it after confirming it? Does he win at morning and lose at night?


MY:  By the way, are you sure that person is not dating?

SeRa seeks comfort:

SeRa drops by DP’s digs, and he sees her ringing his doorbell. She invites him for beer and quality chat time outdoors with DP:

SR:  Actually I got rejected today.

DP:  Huh? Who did? LG?

SR:  Yes. He said what’s not meant to be will never be. He said that even being friends is burdensome now.

DP:   It might be hard for you right now but I think you’ll be okay. It would be better to stop liking someone who doesn’t like you (reciprocate your feelings)

SR:  Those people are really great. He chased me away harshly three years ago by saying mean things to me. After meeting each other again, they waver. I stayed by his side waiting even though I knew that he is sick. It’s all useless.

DP:  What do you mean by that? Sick? Did something happen to LG three years ago? What does that have to do with the two of them breaking up?

SR:  That family has a genetic disease. Geon was diagnosed three years ago. Knowing this, Geon purposely broke up with MY so that it wouldn’t be hard on her. If she knew about this do you think MY will still be by your side like she is now?

DP sits in the dark and ponders whether to tell MY about LG’s condition or let it slide… o_O

Geonnie in his man cave, talking to himself. And rifling through some documents.

MY continues her packing in the studio. OMO! LG actually slipped a note in the painting as LYJ and MY is reading it!

Ellie, you and this painting in my life, are the most beautiful and brightest moments. I’m really happy that I remembered again. Even though I’m returning this painting to you, I will remember you forever.

Fast and furious thinking MY. Something just doesn’t add up with Geonnie-Sshi’s behavior… She gets her phone and searches for conversation history she had with LYJ.

The most fresh and shining moment in your life,…
Is it because it’s your work, Ellie Kim?…
It’s great being under the same sky as you, Ellie Kim…
   Do you have a child? -[MY]
Yes I do.. A beautiful child…
In an empty space in your heart…
There’s a woman I used to know…
In my eyes, she is really, really…

No doubt about it – LG was LYJ.

MY:   Impossible. How is it that this is all fake?

MY goes jogging in the park, trying to clear her mind and DP joins her there.


MY:  Thank you for buying me these shoes

DP:   But after buying these shoes, I’m seriously regretting my decision. I heard there’s a saying that if you buy someone shoes, they will go away. After hearing that, I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t have bought it.


LG & Lawyer in the office:

LG and his lawyer are listening to his voice recording of his last will & testament. In case he loses his memory, will relinquish all decisions to be made by Haelmoni. ST will be entrusted to help her too. Dragon will be made Director so that he can experience the workings of the company.

And in case his illness occurs and he cannot be saved, these truths MUST be kept from MY at all costs.

LG has made generous provisions for MY but does not want to inform her himself, believing that he has no right to do such acts any longer. Lawyer knows how badly LG wants to have MY in his life, but his stubbornness is major stumbling block.

MY makes her way to LG’s office, and confronts him about the note he allegedly left in the painting. She returns the money LG paid for the painting and he pushes it back to her. MY announces her decision to leave Seoul for good.





MY is meeting with the lawyer. He asks her a question which made her think a little bit deeper:

LW:  MY-Sshi, do you have any thoughts of getting back with him?

MY:  Why are you suddenly talking about this?

LW:  No… you both look good together. I was wondering why you broke up.

MY:  [after a few seconds] Truthfully, I don’t know why either. Three years ago, why he had to push me away… I don’t know the reason either. At that time, I was having such a hard time I wasn’t able to think deeply about it. But now, I am a little… I’m starting to get curious about it.

He seems to want to say something but stops himself. WAE?! 😮
He wants to hand her the voice recorder, but hesitates… then he glances at her bag.


Dr. Octopus’ clinic:

Dr. Octopus & Dragon meet. He’s very healthy, unlike his hyung. And proceeds to talk about Hyung’s condition with the younger brother. Why is it that doctors seem to blab rather easily about confidential matters of a patient with someone else, even if they’re family? o_O especially THIS family?

And now Dragon’s mum uses this as her final weapon against LG to wrestle corporate power from him.

SeRa meets MY:

Finally, FINALLY SeRa owns up to her sneaky-dang-nabbit move three years ago regarding the divorce papers.

SR:  Three years ago there was a time when we met just you and I? Do you recall the documents I showed you?

MY:  [recalls papers showing LG will give up the baby and separate from MY] Of course. How could I forget that?

SR:  Do you still believe that document was LG’s intention?

MY:  Yes.

SR:   KMY, you’re mistaken. I [pause] I did it. I mistakenly believed I could change LG’s mind if you left. I created it all myself. I won’t ask to be forgiven. If something went wrong because of me, I wanted to correct that now. Also Geon is currently.. [stops herself] No, I’ll stop now. My pride won’t let me go any further. You unwind your twisted past your way. That is all I can say.

MY is floored! 😮


Event at JangIn Corporation foyer:

Interviewer:  Shall we ask the artist a question? “In every woman’s heart lives a girl” How did you come about this wondering concept? [LG takes a few steps down on the staircase]

MY and LG glance at each other. She states the concept was from someone else. That person gave her the inspiration. She begins to reveal her feelings about LG via the interview!


During her interview, she sees Gun standing on the second floor. Their eyes meet, and she looks straight into his eyes and says:


There is an unnie who I trusted, liked, and depended on. At first, she bought my painting that I value, and I got to know her as my fan. Whenever I’m having a hard time or am having a slump, she stood on my side, listened to my stories, and embraced me warmly with her words.

She was such a grateful person. We lost contact, I don’t know where she is anymore.

But I want to tell her, thank you. I don’t know how it was for her, but for me, it was all sincere. 

Translation cr: gumi of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)


Omeoni’s Restaurant:

MY is having a meal at her mum’s restaurant having a discussion with her when LG loudly announces his presence for his regular fill not knowing MY is there. Awkward!

Omeoni uses a lid to shield her face so that she can mouth the words “GET OUT” to LG! XD

ep17_LGMY_OmmaRest01LG excuses himself and pretends to be on the phone with someone, shouting into the phone, “So? So What? Then? So What?” Bwahahahaha!! MY nonchalantly asks her mum to set a table for him, to her mum’s surprise.

They both continue eating at separate tables, and surreptitiously exchange glances.


He gets up and tells Omeoni that he will Not be coming over for meals Ever Again (perhaps more for MY’s benefit?) and wishes MY well before leaving.

Scene of the accident

MY is sitting on the pavement, near the accident site, talking to GaeDdongi. She tearfully expresses her love for her unborn baby. Reminds GaeDdongi how much she loves him/ her. LG is watching her from afar, also talking to GaeDdongi about Omma leaving him for good. MY gets up to leave and he leaves the scene as well.

MY’s studio:

She grabs her passport and ticket and keeps them in her handbag when she finds the voice recorder!


A tiny note was attached to the device:

This recorder has nothing to do with you, so don’t press play. This REALLY has nothing to do with you. Even if you press the MIDDLE button, it plays. Don’t EVER press the play button. – Lawyer



The part that we didn’t get to hear regarding LG’s previous allocation:

There mustn’t be a disturbance in the function of KMY foundation. Also, always remembering and taking care of her birthday. In detail. Please check it.

She was in the midst of listening to this jaw-dropping revelation when DP approaches her. MY stops hastily ends the recording but she doesn’t realize DP had overheard the content as well.

DP and MY are in his car, he talks to her about the time he bought her the trainers and how stupid it was for him to do so. He knows in his heart the right thing must be done and made a U-Turn to a revised location. Bring her over to LG! You Owe her that much!


LG is at the Memorial Hall talking to his parents and places a picture of Le Soupir next to them. 😥
After talking to his mother’s picture in the most affectionate way, turns his gaze towards his father’s picture:


But, father, why did you do that? I am overwhelmed by this one woman.
This freaking hereditary disease, please stay by my side and go through this together…
I don’t have the courage to say that to her. How did you do that to two women, though? You are blessed to be really thick-skinned, huh. 
Translation cr: gumi of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)
DP brings MY over to LG’s ! YES!! You’re a VERY Good Friend, DP 🙂

MY apologizes to DP (for not accepting his ❤ ) and thanks him (for leading her back to her true ❤ )
Haelmoni greets MY and she asks permission to check on something in Geonnie-Shhi’s room. Haelmoni readily allows her to do so.


MY finally steps into LG’s man cave!!


At the rate all these Reveals are being spitted out, I might just keel over at the end of this recap! o_O


MY just could not believe the amount of memories and love LG has tucked safely in his personal domain. Every single item that reminds him of their time together was not thrown away. MY sees a laptop and opens a video file…

ep17_MY_mancave02and cries as she sees for once and with utmost finality the depth of LG’s love for her ever since their fated meeting in Macau. She saw how much LG loved GaeDdongi, and she could plainly see the suffering LG had undergone all alone for the past three years.

She learns of his illness, his sole reason for keeping her at bay.

She remembers the last meal they “shared” at her mum’s restaurant. She cries even harder. These were videos for LG’s future self to remind him of the past he once shared with his beautiful MY 😥

Translation of LG’s monologue:

Hey, I’m Lee Gun. If you are watching this, that means the f**king hereditary disease caused you to completely go out of mind. Amnesia. For details, ask of ST and he will give you details.
Now, listen carefully, it’s a very important thing.
You… have a woman you love. Her name is Kim Mi Young, her hometown is Yeoul Island. She is foolishly kind, takes care of hurt people’s heart very well, a very lovely woman.
How did you meet her? You unexpectedly ran into her in Macau, and like destiny you had a lovely child with her. The child’s name is Keddongie. But…Keddongie is not around anymore, went somewhere very far. You have never ever forgotten about Keddongie, not even a moment. Keddongie was staying by your side, to accompany father’s pain… until recently.
Now, it’s time to send them away. It’s time to send Snail away.
Forget? Don’t forget? Forget or not? Hey, I really… sitting in front of that table, seeing Snail’s face, and having a scoop of rice… staring at the floor, I couldn’t digest at all. You know? I really wanted to sit in front of her. Not gonna happen forever. How can I say, let’s stay together?! How can I tell her not to go, how can I?! ….Dammit…

Translation cr: Gumi of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)

LG is preparing to make a major announcement at JangIn Corporation (no thanks to the sneaky, greedy stepmum and couple of Elders)

End of Episode 17.


As the Saying goes, what goes down, must come Up!!
I’m waaaay prepared for some serious rekindling of the lovin’ kind on Thursday night!



  1. I just watched this episode and I am so mad at you!! You forgot to send me 10 boxes of tissue! I am so excited for episode 18, I cried listening to all his video message. She was so daring to walk in there…my goodness I wonder what made her to do it? Now I wish this show never ends. I feel like they are rushing the ending. Lol I don’t really care if Sera and daniel. I want more OTP time! ♥


    1. Imagine doing a Free Fall during yr last minutes is a theme park. That’s how I felt when MY connected the crumbs left behind by her friend, lawyer, even Sera. OMG! I couldn’t breathe!!! And I WAILED watching my handsome Geonnie’s video 😥

      BUT I’m All for the CUTE & SWEET tonight. They better Bring it ON!! XD


      1. 😀 You’re most welcome!

        This drama is definitely one of those rare gems that stays on with you for years on… Oh no.. does that sound even more depressing? XD

        They make such a compellingly cute couple I’d ship till the end of time! I went through boxes of Kleenex for episode 17… and partly 18 too – I just reminded myself to get more later for Wed/ Thur episodes!

        Just gotta say this again: JH IS A HANDSOME NAMJA! Double DAYUM! 😮


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