Fated To Love You: Fan-Made MV 01

Ahhh… let’s get back to the beginning, shall we? ❀


video cr: lemonlimetea



    1. Yes I do. Somehow the universe has it’s own quirky agenda that you will meet the person you’re meant to have in your life again if the first encounter didn’t take root XD How about you?


      1. Sometimes I do but sometimes I don’t. It is really hard to say… because in real life, if that did happen to me. I don’t think I could forget what happened….even if I have forgiven. I think losing a child that way is insanely difficult and it would be something I don’t know as a person, I can get over. It makes me sad because if there was a guy like Gun out there and I was her, I would totally be confused but I don’t know how big my heart is in that position. Haha! My heart hurts for her….especially when she was holding that book and crying, I think I cried with her then and then afterwards! I cried with him…each time he talks to doggie poo. Ah, tears in my eyes right now!


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