Thank God Weekend’s Here 02

Anyong Yarobun!

I’m still feeling bereft after watching Ep 16 of Fated To Love You.

How can I last till next Wednesday to find out whether:

  1. MY will gun down LG for playing her for a “fool”  – she still believes there’s a SR-LG relationship going and the sense of betrayal when she thought LYJ was really LYJ, not LG.
  2. LG will fight to the death for MY and trashes anyone who dares to mess up with his second chance at True ❤ and happiness.
  3. The LG-MY shippers will reveal to MY LG’s undivided affection he has held on for the past three years of their separation.

I need some good news on Wednesday, peeps. I ain’t gonna stock up Kleenex just to clear my sinuses within two days 😡

Biggest shocker for me though: Jang Hyuk’s unbelievable range and depth in acting. And of course, how impossibly HANDSOME he is ( I do not think I shall ever recover from watching his text messaging scene in Ep 15)

YEOWZA! o_O ❤ ❤ ❤

I am thankful though for a full-on bromance of a sageuk come Sunday night.

Perhaps I should send a request for swashbuckling services to Joseon’s Three Musketeers in eradicating unwanted characters in Fated To Love You.



Just sayin’  XD


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 🙂



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