Fated To Love You Ep 16: Kleenex Is A Good Friend


Very likely due to dehydration, and high body temperature, MY faints into LG’s arms. He places her on the mattress, nursing her to the best of his ability. In her delirious state, she calls out for GaeDdongi, and LG reaches out to hold her hands and softly says to her, “Why are you still hurt? You have to stop it now,..ย  so I can stop it too. ”

DP calls her cellphone, clearly worried about her whereabouts.



As the night grows deeper and downpour lets up, MY rouses from her sleep and wonders what had happened. Trying to get her bearings, she sits up and notices LG had fallen asleep near her feet while holding her left hand in his. She half-heartedly attempts to wake him up.

No response from dead tired LG, she slips her hand into his again. And continues to stare at him, allowing herself to feel “how it could have been” with her Geonnie-Sshi XD

Penny for your thoughts, MY-Sshi ๐Ÿ™‚

At first light, LG wakes up to find MY gone, and a message was left for him. Again.

“I’ll take my leave now. Thank you for what you did last night”
Le Sigh ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

MY is back in her studio. DP comes by, inquires about her health and makes a hearty meal. Her thoughts stray to the nights’ event: her hand in LG’s and watching him sleep.

LG is in his office with serious eye bags with hand drawn blue tears streaking down his cheeks. Shocks ST half to death! XD LG shares with ST that their company doesn’t provide adequate support for any sub-cons who collaborate with them. ST knows this has something to do with MY ๐Ÿ™‚

LG gives ST an important mission: Get the address of MY’s studio.

ST:ย ย  Salut! Sergeant Tak Ku Jang!

LG:ย  Who in heck is Tak Ku Jang?

ST:ย ย  My brother

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! XDย  These guys are priceless!


MY is shopping for trainers with DP (convenient spot for product placement)
OMO. Are they getting couple sneakers now?

LG sees MY’s studio from his car, armed with health products and meds for his beloved. However, he sees MY returning with DP from afar, sharing an umbrella, making their way back to the studio wearing couple trainers (?) ๐Ÿ˜ก LG gets annoyed.

I’m with you on this, Oppa! My heart goes to LG especially after nursing MY through the night.

Meanwhile, Dragon officially introduces his Noona girlfriend to Mom at a cafe. Mom almost had a cardiac arrest, “AndWey!”

DP’s Condo

DP is in the parking bay at his condo talking to someone on his phone, and just as he hangs up, he overhears an argument breaking out just round the corner.
It’s SeRa and her Mum starting a row about LG. Mum’s ultimatum: Return to Ballet, or get married to LG. That’s it. SeRa warns her not to see LG again, or else she will no longer see SeRa alive. Mum naturally has the last word and leaves SeRa wallowing in her sorrow. DP cautiously approaches SeRa (neighborhood Oppa mode On) but SeRa makes it obvious that she wants to be left alone.
Being the protective Oppa, he cajoles SeRa anyway and offers to get some ice cream to comfort her. She opens up about her Mum and ballet. DP asks her about LG. She reveals that she still sees LG but only as friends. He hasn’t gone back to SeRa eversince the breakup and she couldn’t get close to LG either.
SR:ย  I think, it’s because I did terrible things to them.
DP:ย  Them? Who are they?
SR:ย  I didn’t know you’re the type of man who is so interested in strangers’ relationships. Thank you for the ice cream
SeRa gets up to leave…
DP:ย  I’m not a stranger in this matter. I proposed to Kim Mi Young. Now I’m entitled to wonder about it right?
WAE Daniel-Sshi?
ST and Dragon armed with boxes filled with research material are merrily making to MY’s studio.
LG bumps into the duo and reprimands them for sneaking “confidential” matters out of the company. So, MY has to do work in JangIn corporation. Rather sly on your part Geonnie!!
MY doesn’t buy into the confidential documentation excuse. LG explains that there are hidden secrets in the guise of general information, so he is there inevitably to prevent from such leakage ๐Ÿ™‚
and excuses himself to wheel in one more load of stuff for her:
The entire "Get Well" goodie trunk which he didn't get to deliver first time around :D

The entire “Get Well” goodie trunk which he didn’t get to deliver first time around ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh My! I wouldn't be able to get ANYTHING done with Hawtness looking at me like that from the corner of the room!! XD

Oh My! I wouldn’t be able to get ANYTHING done with Hawtness looking at me like that from the corner of the room!! XD

LG is so obvious about Not Wanting to Leave Her at ALL! He hems and haws with ridiculous excuses and antics, but finally leaves her be.
Omeoni tells the family that MY is working with JangIn Corporation on a special project. HamoHamo are madly ecstatic!
MY leaves the room late at night, and walks through the dark corridor, however, lights are switched on as if to guide her way out safely. She smiles, thinking that technology used in the entire building is sensor-based ๐Ÿ˜€
LG sits in the Control Room, watching her via CCTV and tells the Security Officer to ensure her safety while she’s in the building. And there is an attendant waiting patiently for MY to escort her to a taxi.
LG:ย  You did good work today, Kim Mi Young-Sshi. Get home safely.
He watches her from afar with restrained forlorn ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

And why are ST and Dragon wearing similar-colored outfits when meeting Haelmoni? XD

ST & Dragon relay “happy” news that LG has been spending more time in the office because of the project with MY. Haelmoni is tickled with excitement, and Dragon wants a reconciliation more then anything. However, he feels bad as the project is ending soon and there would be no reason for them to see each other again.

ST is extremely sure LG has Mariana Trench-Depth of affection for MY, but he couldn’t read MY’s feelings towards LG.

Next Day: LG hovers over MY and shocked with her efficiency. He’s rather brusque, but his concern about quality work to be completed is merely a cover for his anguish over the finality of their collaboration. She explains to LG she is confident of her work process and should be able to finish reviewing all output by the end of the night. Ottoke, Geonnie-Sshi?

Omeoni glances at the clock, knowing her special guest is about to swoop in. Cue: Singing Geonnie! She chastises him playfully, as usual, but this time he asks for take out. Oh? Omeoni is rather surprised with the change in his routine.

LG:ย  I want to have a meal with someone who makes my heart go up and down like a roller-coaster โค


Omeoni thinks back on MY’s recent work engagement with LG’s company and wonders if they’re spending time together.


And we see happiness written all over his face, anticipating enjoying supper with MY.


So, the packed goodies were for over-worked MY who is lying on the bench, asleep. LG carefully sits next to her, soaking in this wonderful view, trying so badly to restrain himself from touching her, even begins to descend for a kiss..


So so close Geonnie-Sshi...

So so close Geonnie-Sshi… Stone! Stone! I’m a STONE!

You want to... Kiss the Girl XD

You want to… Kiss the Girl XD


MY recognizes the takeout food and complains that he went to Omeoni’s restaurant again despite her request not to. Verbal bout begins again between them. LG just doesn’t know how to not purge negatively when MY is in front of him.

He insists that he can visit Omeoni’s place whenever, continues to rant and eats angrily. Her mother has become his as well, so how is it possible for him not to see her again? MY recalls the moments he shared with Omeoni in the past.
In frustration, he gets up and takes out his phone. He presses a few buttons and the music from their Dance by the Hangang comes on. Both look at each other simultaneously, knowing exactly what it was. LG scrambles to change the music, and up comes “Kimchi, kimchi, kim-chi…” LOL!
MY watches him as she reaches out for hers and sends a text to Unnie.
Ding! Ding! Ding! LG’s phone registers the text. OMOmoMO!! XD
I need some Gurl Time!

I need some Gurl Time!

Message Sent - DING! DING! - Whut the -

Message Sent – DING! DING! – Whut the



Panicking, LG tries to switch his phone off, but taps on the “receiver” icon instead and finds his phone CALLING MY’s! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! XD

RUN, Geonnie, RUN!

RUN, Geonnie, RUN!

Unnie Mode ON!

Unnie Mode ON!

Somebody does the Sprint of the Century out of the meeting room and into the Gents’! Panic Stations!

ST comes by and “Sajangniiiim”, which nearly spilled the beans, so LG karate-chops ST’s throat effectively. MY begins to say something, LG replies hurriedly and ends the call almost immediately.
ST:ย  He must be suffering too much. He’s even talking like a woman.
Breathe In. Breathe Out ๐Ÿ˜€
LG walks back into the meeting room like a bauce XD, but overhears MY telling DP over the phone about the project coming to a close.
SeRa is in her dance studio, pondering. Grabs her tablet and surfs online to get information about MY.
DP visits MY at her studio, brings in a special delivery from Paris. With accolades pouring in for the ingenue, he thinks it is important for MY to remember where she started from. She thanks him for being a thoughtful teacher, but as the content is revealed, MY becomes a bit apprehensive.
It is a silhouette of a male filled with lollipops within.
DP:ย  This is one of the first pieces you drew. Do you remember? This painting changes the atmosphere of your studio. I’ll remind you to go back to the basics too. Hang it wherever you like.
LG in his Man Cave, looking at “Le Soupir” talking to GaeDdongi with a smile.
LG:ย  GaeDdong-ah, Appa is perfectly ready to let mother go.
MY, drawing late at night in her studio, receives a text from Unnie. This time, the MY-Unnie conversation “happens” in MY’s studio. MY seems to have some sort of “creative block” and unable to properly work on a piece.

MY:ย  I have to go back to the basics, but it isn’t easy.

LG:ย  Why are you down? Umm? You’re good at it.

MY:ย  I want to do this project better than anything else, but it’s not going well. I feel like I’m in a slump.

LG:ย ย  Ellie-Sshi, can I give you a little piece of advice?

MY:ย  You’re my number one fan and my Unnie.

LG’s avatar walks into MY’s studio:

I’ve never met you before Ellie, but the feeling I get about you is that you must be very girlish. Right?

Why don’t we forget about our ages for today?

When I have a conversation with you Ellie, it reminds me of my childhood and playing with my friends

It’s how we built friendship

It’s just like when I was a girl

MY:ย  A girl lives in every woman’s heart. That’s what you meant right?

LG:ย ย ย ย ย  I like your expression very much

I knew one girl in my old days.

Who wore big glasses.

And thought of herself as an ugly duckling.

As LG narrates, MY gets flashbacks of her past when she was the Post-It Girl and the moment when LG saved her from the sleazy lawyer in Macau.

In my eyes, she was very, very beautiful.

In her heart there is wide ocean and bright stars.

She was a very pretty girl with all that in her heart.

Women want to look fancy unlike their inner selves.

Actually, the most lovely and brilliant time of a woman’s life is when she’s a girl

Full of dreams


I know, Geonnie... I know.

where’s my tissue? sniff…


MY thanks LG for giving her inspiration to continue her work. He ends their session with a cheer, “Ellie-Sshi, Fighting!”

ST enters LG’s office in a giddy mood reporting a favorable outcome of the collaboration with MY. LG feels bereft. This means there is no reason whatsoever for MY to be near him. STย  notices the shift and quickly brings up a new possibility ofย  prolonging her stay. They both get excited! However, the bubble burst when SeRa steps into LG’s office as well. LG’s mood quickly turns cordial, politely refusing her invitation to share a meal.
MY bumps into SeRa on her way out. They adjourn to a cafe for a chat. SeRa asks MY about her collaboration project with JangIn. This Missy gave the impression the she still is carrying on her relationship with LG and that she feels uncomfortable seeing MY working with him.
MY says she understands how SeRa feels while glancing at the “very misunderstood” necklace sitting prettily around SeRa’s neck.
Writers – please rectify this situation ASAP!! o_O

Handover of Ellie Kim’s Work

After burning barrels-full of midnight oil, MY has completed her work with JangIn Corporation. This was the moment LG dreaded the most. This meant goodbye to MY-Sshi.

During the presentation, LG realizes MY had used the term he suggested to her during their Night Texting session: A Girl lives in every Woman’s Heart. They exchange meaningful glances across the room, and LG steps up to say a few words.

When the celebratory dust had settled, the inevitable came: LG makes his way towards MY who was already walking towards the elevator for the last time:

LG:ย ย  Can we at least have a last meal together since it’s the end of the collaboration?

MY:ย ย  I can’t. I have to be at my mum’s restaurant, it’s unnie’s birthday

LG inquires about MY’s family, they talk about MY’s nephew, he pratically talks about everyone in her family, clearly wanting to prolong her presence. Clearly, they have a shared history. However it’s MY who ends the encounter by bowing to LG. And LG, Mr. CEO, took his time, stood erect, and bowed deeply, clearly demonstrating his utmost respect for her.

LG:ย ย  Farewell, Kim Mi Young-Sshi. I’m very satisfied with your work.

MY:ย  This is really the last time… Take care Geonnie-Sshi…


At home in his Man Cave, LG talks to “Le Soupir” about MY. He smiles while telling GaeDdongi he failed to ask her out for dinner, yet again. He points to the globe sitting on his coffee table and says France is very far from Seoul. This is LG’s last conversation with GaeDdongi, preparing his heart to let go of his precious to his equally precious Love, MY. “I can’t let Omma go back on her own. Be with her, instead of Appa

MY is en route to the venue via taxi when she searches her purse and realizes she had forgotten the birthday present.

Scene changes to LG The Stalker who is making his way carefully into MY’s studio. This is his first time walking into her studio. With the”Le Soupir” in hand, he scans the room admiring her work, and sees a painting that DP brought to MY’s studio:

My bawling continues… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

There’s no where else to hide Geonnie-Sshi.
Man Up.
No more screw up tirades.
No more back hands and top spin lobs.
You were caught with the “Le Soupir” tucked safely in your arm.

Just. Come. Clean.

MY:ย  Are you Lee Young Ja all this while?
LG:ย ย  That’s right, Kim Mi Young-Sshi. I’m your number one fan, Lee Young Ja.

Geonnie-Sshi is Unnie No More.
And MY, that better NOT be an Accusing look on that face ๐Ÿ˜ก




      1. Self-taught LOL!!! It is SO WEIRD that the brain goes into an unknown gear to help you absorb new information when your passion is Over-The-Meter!!


  1. Omg!! I just watched it and I almost needed two boxes of tissues! He is so in love with her….i am so in love with him. Okay…Daniel really needs to be kick out of this triangle!! He is starting to become too clingy for me!! Omg Sera…r u that dumb!! He is not into you. Go away!! You are ruining everything!!! Someone hold me back because I am about to jump into the screen and do some hair pulling!!! Why the cliffhanger!!! Why!!! Now…i will be frustrated for a whole week!!! Blah!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I could insert my arm into the screen, I’d give them a one-two combination and a front kick! Lord! We do get violent in our minds don’t we? LOL! I am also blown away by JH’s acting. And I’ve never EVAH seen him this handsome! I’m praying that any misunderstandings will be cleared up within 30 mins of ep17, D & Sera takes up the other half. And the last 3 episodes will totally focus on anything good for our OTP ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Oh, and loads of bromance too – just to keep the annoying characters at bay. Amen!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know!! His action is so full of emotions and love. I mean…When I am watching. ..i feel so in loved. Haha! Man…my heart pounds so hard!!! At first…i didn’t really care for him but his abs! Now I am in love with his whole body plus butt!! Hahaha!!! I know but who cares about them! !! I want more OTP time! !!

        Liked by 1 person

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