Fated To Love You Ep 16 Preview


ST:   What’s wrong? Again? Why are you like this again? [LG with black tear streaks streaming from his eyes]

LG:  [making a reference to ssambap]? LOL!

O:  something to do with MY again?

D:  Omma! I’m dating this noona 😀

Mom:  No way… this noona?

S:   Stop going to Geonnie-Sshi again. [DP overhears this argument]

MY:  LG and I have no feelings for each other (except a professional one)

LG:  You’ve worked hard MY

MY:  Thank you for treating me well all this while


Translation cr: rameennoodles soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)


Are they saying farewell AGAIN?! NO!

ANDWEY! 제발!  :/


    1. I KNOW! Angst and misunderstandings BEGONE!

      Pretty sure the rest of the world doesn’t mind 4 episodes of cuteness and romance and everything sexay!

      Bwahahahaha!! XD


    1. No, thank You for being on this journey with me (and more in the future?) 🙂

      Nothing beats common undying ❤ of KDramas and spazzing about it the next day in cyberspace!! XD


      1. Lol haha!! Of course! ! You know it but I feel like this is going to be the best drama of 2014!! I hope the Fall line up will have potential!!!!! ***sigh!! Too bad I don’t live where you do because my butt would be at your place squealing with you with tons of tissue paper everywhere!! Haha


      2. As kids, it’s normal to ask “what do you want to do/ be when you grow up?”

        And if only I had known of this millennia phenomenon, my reply would be a resounding:

        “Be paid for watching and blogging KDramas and spazz with like-minded souls 364 days of the year and making trips to Seoul just because… 😀 “


      3. Omg!! Yes!! Yes!! Me too!! Pssh college…i would have majored in writing or something!! Hahaha!! Omgosh. There is this website called “dramabeans” and that’s what they do all day!!!! They started out just recapping episodes and now they make lots from all the traffic and advertisements!!!! I totally would love that job!! Just imagine….we could totally attend their “red” carpet events!!!!! Ahhh one can dream right???????? Lol


      4. That’s one of my absolute “go-to” sites 🙂 along with koalasplayground 😀 These guys are a few of the Heavyweighters when it comes to KDrama/ Entertainment blogging.


      5. Yes! I heard of that other one too! I think I have visited that website quite a few times! *SIGH…time for a career change. I have decided to become a famous blogger. HA! I think it would take ages and so much promotion!!! Only if I could learn korean like asap…maybe! Hahaha!!


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