Fated To Love You Ep 15: You Beautiful Man

Man Alive! For all the Fangirls out there on this blessed planet, you will gasp in disbelief at how the JH effect will leave you a melted mess at the halfway mark of this episode.

You have been warned XD


LG leaves the auditorium before hearing MY’s full reply to DP.  She feels very grateful towards DP, but not sure it is love. So she hesitates to answer without truly knowing how she feels for DP.  She apologizes, and DP understands. However, he states that from here on, he will approach MY as a man, not the Neighborhood Oppa any longer. He requests for her to stay by his side, at least until the end of the exhibition…

LG has gone into his Man Cave, mulling about the recent development. He replays the dialogue between MY and DP, and her gratitude for being by her side through her hardest time, “I thought I should be nice to you”.

But, Geonnie, you didn’t stay long enough to hear the rest of her explanation!


MY goes outdoors, deep in thought, and apologizes to DP again.

DP returns to the stage and erases his sandart, “I keep changing my mind about you. At first I was satisfied by being a good person to you, but now I want to keep you by my side.”

During breakfast, LG still replays the heartbreaking scene he saw last night. Halmoni notices he is not enjoying his breakfast. LG is startled out from his reverie and covered his unhappiness by complaining about the uninspiring food prepared for breakfast. Everyone is thinking “LG must be off his rockers again”.

Dragon lets slip during that he recently met MY. She has grown much prettier, even Cleopatra can’t throw a shade at MY’s beauty 😀 And she’s still SINGLE XD !!

That put Cupid Halmoni into action to get LG & MY back together. Halmoni & MY chat and hopes for her return to the Lee household. However, MY is adamant that she will not reconcile with LG.


LG watches the interview clip of MY where she shares about the healing process she gets when she paints.


Look at that longing in his eyes... Awww... :'(

Look at that longing in his eyes… Awww… 😥

Secretary Tak comes in, “Sajangniimmm!” with files of finalized candidates for the collaboration project and LG is miffed that MY is not included. ST retorts he was merely following LG’s orders Not to include MY in the list. LG insists then that the screening process should be done with due diligence, not to be rushed. ST eyes him suspiciously 😀

ST suspects the painting he brought over to LG is “his wife’s” work. Again, LG has his defenses up and gives a logical reason of procuring art work instead.

ST:  Sajangnim, [takes off his glasses to contain his exasperation] if you haven’t been able to forget her for three years, it might be embarassing… but, why don’t you hold her and ask her to take you back? Tell her that you were wrong or that she’s your destiny, or something, eh? Afterall, your disease hasn’t progressed at all during this time. AWWWww

LG:  Mr. Tak, she’s happy enough already and she will be.  Also she has a good man beside her, [for the first time he acknowledges what he cannot do] so I have no reason to disrupt her life and I shouldn’t either. I shouldn’t do it [more to himself to affirm his decision]

LG promptly takes his leave, heads out with purposeful strides with ST in tow spouting his schedule and reminders. Of course LG could handle the load, and refers to ST as a zombie.

Cue Shaman Warding-Off  hand movements complete with Wong Fei Hung signature OST XD

When LG is beyond earshot, ST says “Geon-ah, it’s Gaeddongi’s anniversary. You’re going over there and sit there all night again?”

MY is at the scene of the accident, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, thinking of  the accident, Gaeddongi and cries.


LG arrives at the same spot too, but with a cake box! They finally meet at the spot where their lives took a drastic turn.


MY tells LG there is not need for him to be there, for he didn’t want Gaeddongi in the first place. Only she will remember Gaeddongi, he needn’t have to burden himself.

Ooof… this was difficult to watch…

LG:   Why should I forget?

MY:  Because it’s MY child. You gave up every right to the child (referring to the document shown by SeRa and LG’s words on giving up his rights over the child) You gave up even your love for Gae Ddong.

LG:   Ellie Kim-Sshi.  You changed your name because you wanted a fresh start, right? Then it’s ridiculous for you to come here and recall all traces of your bad memories. If Gae Ddong were here , our child would laugh at you hard [and he cackles maniacally]

Oh Geonnie, why are you saying all that? 😦

MY:  Even if I start a new life or become a new person, I will never forget Gae Ddong no matter what, even though you don’t have to live like me. Goodbye then

Hurtful accusations hurled at one another, and MY leaves the place.

LG sinks to the ground, eats the cake he bought for Gaeddongi, “Eat something sweet with Daddy. It looks tasty doesn’t it? Gaeddong-ah, Appa is sorry again today” he tears up and can’t even continue saying that the strawberry chocolate cake is yummy 😥

LG retreats into his Man Cave, looking at “Le Soupir”  as he recalls MY’s words when his phone lights up – Oh! A message for Unnie!


Ehrmerhgerd!! DIES!! XD




OM-MO! Just LOOK at Geonnie's Guns! ... fans self...

OM-MO! Just LOOK at Geonnie’s Guns! … fans self…

MY:  Ms. Young Ja. How are you?

LG:   I’m really sorry about last time. I don’t know why I keep having issues like this whenever I try to give you back the piece.

MY:  Maybe the piece wants to be with you more than me.

LG:  Do you think so? Maybe it’s because this piece is your work Ellie Kim. Actually it’s true I have an attachment to it.

MY:  Just call me Ellie

LG:  Really? If you’re Ellie and I’m Unnie, we’re like sisters (LOL XD )

MY:  (smiles) By the way, I’m not going back to Paris just yet

LG wants to ask about the proposal but he changes to how long she will be in Seoul (only LG knows about the proposal, not LG the Unnie) MY  tells Unnie she will be in Seoul for at least another 6 months. LG is in a dilemma now. How is he going to keep up his Unnie disguise for that long?

LG:  By the way, what are you doing at this hour?

MY:  Actually, there’s something that’s been bothering me all day

LG:  Something’s troubling you? You shouldn’t keep it to yourself. If you do, it’ll just stay inside your heart and age you. Tell me about it.

MY:  I thought it was a happy moment but after I actually faced it I realize I only convinced myself that it was happiness

LG:   It must be a painful memory, or something like that?

MY:  It was very painful, but it’s still a happy memory. I suffered, but was happy, and I was happy but suffering

LG:   I don’t know if this will help you or not, but there’s something I’ve learned over the course of my life.  If you have a memory that’s too painful, you don’t bury it. You hide it in the empty side of your heart.

MY:  Just like unnie said, I want to be comfortable with it now, especially for the man who is waiting for me

😥 😥 😥

LG:  You can do it, Ellie. Cheer up!

MY:  Thank you Unnie

LG:  Good night, Ellie-Sshi. Goodnight Kim Mi Young-Sshi
(OH! Does he realize his slipping clues already? Only Geonnie calls her Kim Mi Young-Sshi 🙂 )


DP moves into new digs, and bumps into SeRa in the hallway.

SeRa:  Do you live here now?

DP:   Seems that I am… are you still involved with LG?

SeRa:  That’s not a question to ask your neighbor


LG’s office

SeRa’s mother storms into LG’s office, and he sits her down while trying to explain his situation with SeRa. She blames him for friend-zoning her precious daughter and tells him she always cries when she returns home after seeing him. Accuses him of being the cause of SeRa giving up her dream of becoming a prima ballerina. Stop being “just friends”. Just stop seeing her.

MY goes to her agency and finds a cosy studio set up for her. The manager lists down notable projects for her involvement during her stay in Seoul, and the first one to land in her hands: Jangin Chemical Image Collaboration with Ellie Kim. Her manager accepted the job on her behalf not realizing her refusal to do so. MY meets the company lawyer, Hong, about the collaboration and he explains that the contract itself is not the issue at hand, it’s just if she intends to work with Jangin.

Lawyer Hong, like his sidekick ST,  is in the LG-MY corner as he encourages her to face her challenges head on and prove that she can handle such an important first project in Korea. Otherwise, she may seem as though she’s running away from it.

HEE HEE HEE! So many fairies in their fragile bubble! 😀


Cut back to LG’s office. He is pondering on SeRa’s mother’s words when ST and Dragon whoosh into the office, being positively happy, miming the Mission Impossible tune, bearing sweets for LG.
LG pretends to cry with happiness, but he simply wails at them to get rid of the sweets. What he needs right now is to eat something that warms his heart.

Omeoni gets a call from MY that she’s coming over. But, LG also goes to Omeoni’s restaurant, belting out his signature song for food. So, MY was told NOT to turn up at the restaurant.

LG wails like a little boy for his need to be fed! Mum tells him there’s none left (good-naturedly) but LG holds onto the table saying he won’t leave unless she fed him. He attempts to ask Omeoni about MY, but changes his mind.

Nom nom nom...

Nom nom nom…

Glug glug glug...

Glug glug glug…

Oh-uh.. o_O

Oh-uh.. o_O


LG happily eats the food prepared by Omeoni when MY steps into the restaurant.

Dun Dun Duuuun!

What in Hades are You doing here?

What in Hades are You doing here?

What timing!!

What timing!!


LG and MY have a conversation outside the restaurant:

MY:   You don’t have to come here anymore. My mum likes you. If you keep coming here, she will keep on liking you. So I’d appreciate it you don’t come here again.

LG:   But it’s between me and Omeoni. Nothing to do with you.

MY:   You shouldn’t let someone have affection for you if you can’t be responsible for it. I hope you wouldn’t do something like that to my mother.

LG:   Look, Kim Mi Young – No, Ellie Kim. Don’t over react. Why are being so serious about it? I just went to see your mother. I just went to have a meal. I have no feelings left for you. None at all

Aish! Geonnie! 😡

MY:   Then, do you mean you’re not uncomfortable at all seeing me again?

LG:    Yes.

MY:   So is that why you sent that offer through my agent?

LG:    Yes. So what? What’s wrong with that? Do you have any complaints about it?

MY:   Why me? There are plenty of artists.

LG:   [laughs] Are you being a snob now? You’re bragging about yourself now. My staff recommended you as an artist for this project. I can’t just tell them “No. Never. Not her!” because of my personal feelings. Hello, Ellie Kim. The offer for the collaboration project is just business.

MY:   Do you really think so? There wasn’t any reason behind it?

LG:    Of course not, not at all [looks upwards as though conspiring with Gaeddongi)

MY:  What if I say no?

LG:   Thatt’s totally up to you. We don’t have anything to lose even if you do (MY about to turn away) BUT I’ll interpret your rejection as a cowardly escape unless you have a reasonable excuse for it. Cowardly.

MY:   Why would I escape from you? What would I be scared of?


LG is Super Duper Happy that MY has agreed to take part in the project and that she will have to comply with his requests. Him contractor, her sub-contractor. Repeat twice, Get down and Jiggy With It! 😀

However, Ellie-Sshi is in battle-mode and proclaims any communication will be done via ST, and does a turnabout to leave.

LG:   Wait. Why are you in a hurry? You may not know a lot about business Miss Kim Mi You – Miss Ellie Kim. You should go eat or watch a movie together after you sign a contract. I’m the contractor, you the sub-con 🙂

MY:  You are the one who held out your hand first. And it’s gonna be hard to find a sub-con like me, Mr.CEO  (bows, exit stage left) – YeowZA! o_O

LG:   Our Snail is so cool now. Really don’t wanna let her go. (Awww!)


MY begins her work and checks her emails, one is a video from ST:

You may be an artist to others, but to me once a madam is madam forever. Call me whenever you need me, I mean, even if you don’t need me (she smiles) 😀 From your genie forever, who misses you very much, Mr. Tak

She scrolls down the email and saw jpegs of Flora & Fauna collection. DP walks in fussing over her. He forces MY to take a break and brings her out on a picnic, complete with home-cooked dishes. Essentially having a “romantic” Summer date.

Ok, Why in heck did MY say to DP that she can stop working on the Jangin project if he tells her so? 😡
Or did I get that totally wrong?

MY asks ST if she could visit the garden he sent a picture of previously. Cue LG snazzily dressed up  with a trench coat, in the same said garden. Isn’t it STILL SUMMER in Korea right now? o_O

Stalker mode: On!

MY is lost in her own world, walking around the garden taking pictures of the flowers, while LG follows her around, framing his “flower” Tee Hee!! XD

She continues sketching, sometimes seems too lost that her sketches flutter away, or perhaps sickly (and guess who comes to the rescue picking them up). Until MY begins to realize she is being followed by no less, her LG.

MY:  WHO’S THERE?! (says aloud in no particular direction)

LG:  [makes various animal noises to throw her off]  BWAHAHAHAHA!! XD

Bickering again in the garden about them being in constant “unplanned bumping” (that may have another meaning XD ), she’s had enough of his antics, turns around and… it begins to rain! YESS!!

LG runs after her, offering some protection from the downpour with his trench coat. She refuses.

LG:  Why are you running away from me? Do you have feelings for me?

MY:   Nonononono


Then they both run for shelter under the LG’s capable trench coat. Until they dropped it en route and got drenched in the rain. It is nightfall when they finally find a lodge/cottage. Weather is still treacherous.

Owner says to them it’s impossible to leave the place at the moment because of the weather. LG feigns disappointment, but in actuality, LG is Deliriously HAPPY 😀

Geonnie is just TOO HAPPY to be of service XD

Geonnie is just TOO HAPPY to be of service XD


LG:   Are you ok? You got caught in the rain.

MY:  I’m fine.

LG:  You might still catch a cold. Ellie Kim, you’re an asset to my company. So as a sub-con, your health is important –

And the power goes off. HUBBA HUBBA!! XD


They sit in the dark with only candles lit around them. You can practically cut the tension with a Pen Knife!!

LG:   How’s the music?

MY:  What music are you talking about?

LG:    I mean the rain. The sound of rain is music. Like rain, like music

MY:   It’s not bad

LG:   When I was young, I liked the sound of rain a lot. When it would rain at night, I’d close my eyes and make a wish.  Then I’d fall asleep, just listening to the raindrops.

He tries to joke with her, but MY remains stoic and unresponsive.  And then that familiar tummy growl breaks the ambiance. LG teases her about her tummy.

MY:  No it wasn’t me. It was you.

LG:   Oh! I’m sorry 🙂

His tummy growls again, and both remember the a similar moment they shared years ago.

MY:  You should eat something

LG:   Dragon ate ramen with the fish eye, but I never got to eat them.

MY:   You ate the lunchbox I prepared for you!

Reconnecting through shared memories. Tip of the iceberg is melting somewhat…


LG:  Mi Young-Sshi, doesn’t the sound of rain sound like it’s saying ‘it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not your fault?’

MY: Music? I wouldn’t know about that…

MY tears up and says she wants to leave immediately. But topples over due to exhaustion/ ill-health.

LG grabs her arms to stop from leaving, and realizes how extremely feverish she is . He tries not to panic.

MY:  I do not want you to be concerned about me. We are in no relationship whatsoever anymore. Let me go please.

They look into each others eyes…

LG:  You foolish woman.










  1. Ah, my goodness. I think I might just pass out! I am so excited so see this episode! I wish I could just lay in bed all day and watch kdrama! They make such a good couple! *Sigh, I don’t know what to do….I don’t want this show to end. I think this break up is going to suck really bad! *WAH!!!


    1. I think I DID pass out! LOL!! XD

      They’re hitting it right out of the park, and into the next continent with their chemistry!

      I couldn’t believe HOW HANDSOME JH is in this episode Especially during the “Unnie-MY” scene! GAH!! This show has 5 more episodes to go.

      You, me and another couple of thousands around the world can’t bear to see the end of FTLY.


  2. So I just watched it! Omg…that was so cute and I really cannot get over how hot he is! My goodness….lol let me be the one stuck there with him!!! Roar!! I am so sad though…i just wish he confess his feelings already!! He loves her and he really can’t let her go. Sorry Daniel but you gottaz go! Ugh sea’s mom is going to ruin everything!!!! That witch. ..blah! You wonder where her daughter gets it from!! Any ways. ..i am still in tears, “it’s okay…it’s not your fault” my goodness mu heart is aching…i swear I am going to die from heart problems!!


    1. Please! I kept re-watching that texting scene, quelling the need to start squeeing. Again!! DAYUM!!! It’a already sweltering weather where I live! LOL!!

      Why does he always screws up his words when MY is right there in front of him? He is really So SO scared to loose her yet he seems clumsy in making her want to stick around.

      He’s Lost IT! Totally IN ❤ with MY.

      Writers, please hook up Daniel & SeRa's storyline STAT! I don't want ANYTHING to spoil that fragile LGMY bubble 😡


      1. I think it was serendipity 😀

        If he planned it, he would feel god-awful for causing much hardship for MY when she was already unwell.. 😦


      2. You and me, and the other “Fate-rs”! XD

        Only managed 4 hours of sleep. Didn’t realize the time when I was finally ready to upload my post! o_O


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