First Impression: Discovery of Love

Lord, please give me the strength to keep up with the KDrama onslaught as August runs to the finish line…



Summer 2004. A young, very much in-love couple are enjoying a picnic. He teases her how pretty she is. And in the restaurant, we see the real nudge into this drama’s premise:

Restaurant scene:

YR:   Tae Ha-Sshi, you know that we have 10 days left, right?

TH:   What do you mean?

YR:   Until the 100th day since we started dating (milestones are verrrry important)

TH:   Do you have any gift you want?

YR:   Don’t worry about gifts [pauses and prepares herself to spell it out] Let’s go to a hotel that night

TH:   Hey! How can you say things like that here?

YR:   You were begging for it [pouts] You don’t want to ?

TH:   [keeps chewing his food, does things while thinking furiously]… How many days do we have left?

YR:    Exactly 10 days.

TH:    [Nods his head in agreement]

On the day of reckoning, YR is obviously the excited party, but TH seems to get cold feet. Clearly he’s not ready and suggested to chillax at the lounge for drinks (more likely Water on the rocks) 🙂 . Further clarification on who does the checking in. Just by himself? Together? He’s even thinking of what to say at the registration counter.

Ever-ready YR encourages him with the practiced line “Give me a double room, please.” But just as he was gathering courage, it vaporized when the waitress startled him regarding the cafe’s closing hours.

This whole “celebration” seems contrived and any tinge of romance is out the barn doors o_O
TH is clearly not ready and YR complained about his nervousness despite being The Man and 2 years older than her to boot. Commence couple squabble in the car:

TH:   Fine, I’m sorry I’m such an innocent soul. Happy?

YR:   Are you saying that I’m not innocent?

TH:   Fine, you’re really innocent. [getting a smidge annoyed]

Both come to an impasse. He offers to send her home but YR had informed Mum she was sleeping over at a friend’s. She is resolute in celebrating that milestone!

And so, their relationship continues on to the next year.
And the year after that.

... and exactly Five years later, they went their separate ways...

… and exactly Five years later, they went their separate ways…


Discovery of Love – 5 years later:

TH is being interviewed in a stylish office, where he is clearly at ease. He is now a CEO of a construction company. The question touched on his past love:

I feel like I’ve become damaged goods in dating because of her. Whoever I meet, I do not like anyone, as much as I liked her… Even now I don’t know why we broke up. We were really great together.

Switch to YR in an outdoor location, who coincidentally, is also being interviewed:

My attitude in dating changed because of him. I’ve become faster and precise in calculations. I’ve learedt to take the upper hand in dating.  I’ve learned a lot through all kinds of failures… My goodness, did he really say that?! I dumped him.  He doesn’t even know he got dumped?


2009 Jinju Station – The Break Up

Annual celebration turns into Farewell.  They planned to make a trip to Yeonhwa island. YR tears up the moment she steps onto the platform, but TH doesn’t inquire much about the cause of her tears. And she was, of course, annoyed with that fact.

After being together for five years, they have seemed to dip into the “old married couple” phase where conversations are kept to minimum, and following the lead of the other but not necessarily because they want to. Somewhere along the years of familiarity, they have grown apart.

YR monologue:  

I can’t do this because it’s too much. I’m the only one boiling inside, I’m the only one waiting for you. I’m the only one looking at you. I’m really lonely even when we’re together.

Is this what relationship is about? You said you love me, but why do make me feel so miserable? Let’s break up. Since we started here, let’s end it here.

[Takes her backpack and walks away… not letting TH respond to her tirade]

Break Up @ Jinju Station... fast forward 5 years..

Break Up @ Jinju Station… then fast forward 5 years to the interview sessions


Same question is posed to both: Would you want to meet her/ him again after all these years?

TH:   It’ll be good to see her at least once. I’m curious how she’s doing. If she’s married… If she’s not married, does she have a boyfriend? It’s okay to be curious about those. And we could be friends too.

YR:   Why would I be friends with my ex-boyfriend? Because I don’t have friends? I have a lot of friends, and I have a boyfriend now [flashes her couple ring] And he’s really a great guy!

And said boyfriend is shopping for another piece of jewelry: an engagement ring to propose with on her birthday! XD

YR:   About a year ago, we were set up by a friend. To be honest, it wasn’t a date set up for me, it was for my friend.  When I think about it, there is really something called destiny.

Do Joon Ho introduces everyone at the table:

They are Yoon Sol and Han Yeo Reum. Don’t look at her [meaning YR], she’s the important one [ie YS]. Her nickname is pine tree. She’s very consistent. She looks very young for a 31-year-old woman. She’s very disciplined about herself. Isn’t she nice? Isn’t she?

His name is Nam Ha Jin, my junior. We’ve been hanging out since college, so I’m sure you must’ve seen him. Say hello 🙂

HJ bows politely to both women, and YS with such pazazz says…

YS:   You’re not my type.


DJ quietly chastises YS for judging HJ just after 3 minutes of meeting him. But YS keeps on giving her analysis out loud while looking at said specimen! LOL!! She stage whispers to YR asking her if HJ looks like a playa?

YR:   He looks good to me.

DJ quickly attempts to improve the awkward situation by attesting YR’s “availability”.  But YS cockblocks and states they have promised NOT to date. YS goes on to explain the ridiculous effects of detrimental dating. HJ believes otherwise, especially when a relationship works out well. Closing time at cafe! HJ mentions of a park he saw on the way to the cafe… (suggesting the party moves to a new location, clearly interested to get to know YR).

YR and HJ simultaneously suggested DJ & YS get more beer, and they were surprised how in sync their thoughts were. High Five! KAPOW!! Instantaneous intangible connection 😮


Park scene:

Enjoying the pre-Autumn breeze in beautiful setting. HJ is curious about YR No-Dating rule. It’s not that she doesn’t like to date, but it’s just she doesn’t have someone she likes – and HJ moves closer.

HJ:   How about me?

OMO! YR is flustered and couldn’t believe he actually asked her that! But HJ continues to move closer. And asked the same question again. This guy is rather ballsy, especially on first meet 🙂

Oh-oh-Oh-oh! Somebody’s knockin on somebody’s personal zone!

YR:   Wait… if you come close…

HJ:   [swoops in] Kiss… Can I kiss you – SMACK!

YR:   My goodness! My good…

HJ:   So you don’t want to.

YR:   How can you ask that question? It should be… done naturally (LOL!)

HJ:  Sexual harassment has become a big problem these days… so under agreement

YR:  Please do

HJ:  What?

YR:  Don’t ask me… please go ahead

HJ:  [Incredulous] You should close your eyes


Back to Present:

YR interview is interrupted by HJ’s phone call. They remind each other of the night’s plans and end their calls with smooches. DJ is also a plastic surgeon where HJ works and teases him about going on a matseon (blind date) despite having a cook girlfriend. WHUT? 😮

DJ promises HJ not to tell YR about the blind dates he has had – Double WHUT?

So what does one do?
One sends a text message to pine tree YS telling her about the third blind date along with the venue. And she blithely shows the message to YR when she enters the workshop.

YR doesn’t get into a hissy fit, but her eyes have that glint of determination to catch him in the act. Oh, so great boyfriend isn’t so great after all?

With the aid of a conspicuous camouflage, she works her way through the lounge, proceeds to write a note/ request on the coaster, and passes it on to…

Matseon scene:

Note on coaster:

My boyfriend is sitting behind me. He’s on a date behind my back. Please let me sit here for a while.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD  If only YR could dig a hole and dive in ASAP!

TH:   It’s been a while… [looks past YR] The girl is pretty.

HJ’s date compliments him on his wit and teases if he makes an estimate whenever he sees a girl’s face. He owns up to the habit he has developed over the years as a plastic surgeon. The date then asks how much would her face cost then? HJ says that her face would be the most challenging because it’s already perfect without the need of any touch ups.

YR listens to this as TH watches the scene unfold.

YR is seething as she looks at smug TH:

This jerk hasn’t changed at all. He’s still evil and cold. He does whatever suits him, whatever swings his way. A man without a true heart.

So YR decides to play it cool and continue listening in on HJ’s matseon. And then it’s TH’s monologue:

This girl hasn’t changed a bit. She doesn’t know how to hide her feelings. Her feelings come out from her whole body.

However, when YR couldn’t take anymore of the sugary flattery that was zinging behind her, she vents her frustration on the innocent bystander, TH. She says the words meant for HJ but looks at TH:

How can you do this to me? You went on a date behind my back. We were so happy… Do you like a daughter of a hospital that much? [and THROWS water @ TH?! U MAD? 😮 ]

Let’s end it. Let’s stop it here.

Did you even love me?

TH:   I DID love you. And I’ve missed you the whole time. I wanted to see you. I know what I did was wrong. So why don’t you give me another chance?

OMO! Things have switched to a different chapter altogether!

There is one unhappy camper when it comes to HJ and YR’s relationship: HJ’s mum. He goes on those blind dates to appease Mum, but in this heart there’s only YR. PDAs abound between HJ and YR, as a means to cajole YR and keep her happy. They walk away, with YR’s phone in TH’s hands…

It took a phone call from TH’s staff that hit YR on her head about cellphone switcheroo. Ottoke?

Apparently one of TH’s crewmen was injured at site and had to be brought to the hospital. He reminds his crew to not disregard safety while working and tells him to take some time off and leaves instruction to send him over to a skin specialist after the normal treatment is completed (Awww..) 🙂

Dejected YR

YR has a soju party of one at the cafe where she met HJ. She had a meeting with his mum and realized she would never be “rich enough” to be HJ’s wife. But she’s also worried that one day, someone else will take her spot in HJ’s heart.

In her drunken stupor, YR finally calls TH to meet her (to exchange phones) but also to help her get home. She’s totally out, sleeping while sitting outside of the cafe. TH tries to rouse her, but to no avail. HJ calls her…

TH’s monologue:

I don’t know why it had to be at that moment. It was an amazing coincidence.

He tries again to wake YR up so that they can get their respective phones back. And as she walked away from him, her bladder decided to kick in big time. YR need to pee badly! Cue TH’s condo 😀

Somehow she brings along a white rabbit to his place and cleans it up because TH insists the rabbit was unclean… bath time for rabbit… and then shower mayhem… everyone gets wet. EVERYONE XD

Memories come flooding back…

Bed scene:

YR:    It was strange. It was unfamiliar, but I smelled something familiar. You know the feel of it? Even in my sleep it felt strange. It wasn’t HJ’s touch. But this touch that embraced my back was so familiar.






  1. Yikes! I watched a little of it yesterday and I have no idea why but I am already bored with it. It just doesn’t have the right chemistry for me! I am not one to give up once I start something but I am a little hesitant right now!!!


    1. ‘Tis the season of OTP reunions! Eric and Jung Yumi (leads in DoL) were in Que Sera Sera years ago. I didn’t watch that drama, but it was JY’s first acting gig. Over the years, she has improved by leaps (bounds am not sure yet) and currently has the nickname “Queen of Chemistry.”

      It’s interesting that you feel otherwise 😀

      Because right now, at this moment, 지금 (jigeum), The KDrama couple that reigns SUPREME shows up on Wed and Thurs nights!


      I’m not sure if I’m picking this one up either. Same goes for My Secret Hotel. Somehow, right now, a dose of Sageuk Bromance may just be the right prescription for my Sunday nights! Hee Hee Hee!!


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