Song Ga Yeon! Song Ga Yeon!

Whew! A whole lotta weight off Ga Yeon’s shoulders post-debut fight last night! 😮



Before Room Mate was aired, not many knew of Song Ga Yeon. Sure, she entered into this fast-rising popular sport as a Ring Girl, but she had a deep desire to prove to herself (more than to others) that she can take a beating and return more than a couple too.

Out of all the fighters who had matches on Sunday evening at the Olympic Hall, Ga Yeon probably had the heaviest pressure to win hers. Thanks to the Reality TV show and the exponential increase of interest in her outside of Korea, Ga Yeon went into the cage as a favorite over the not-so-wet behind the ears Japanese opponent.

I get winded just sparring with my trainer during my kickboxing sessions, so watching Ga Yeon giving her all despite feeling exhaustion creeping in, I felt nothing but admiration for this petite young fighter who prepared to the best of her ability to debut with a bang!

Official video of her match is yet to be uploaded by Road FC, however, managed to track down a “TV capture” of her 2:30 fight. KO, baby!



Full fight:


It was heartwarming to see her fellow Room Mate cast supporting her debut as well. Jo Se Ho seemed pretty emotional as did Park Min Woo. They knew how badly she wanted to have a successful outing as South Korea’s female MMA fighter 😀

축하 Song Ga Yeon!

축하 Song Ga Yeon!


The amusing part was the post-fight interview:
Lasted longer than the actual fight XD

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