Thank God Weekend’s Here 01

Anyong Yarobun!

Savvy King wrapped up on a high on Monday night, Fated To Love You was flat-out hye-larious on Wednesday and took a few notches down to sombre-ville within 24 hours, and Marriage without Love/ Dating better make SENSE from tonight onwards o_O

Feels like I went through a couple of triathlons since Monday, and to my shock Friday shows up in no time. I think KDrama has a super-secret device that speeds up time. Or Something 😡


Watched Surplus Princess with no expectations whatsoever, and it was more than pretty decent! This is one of those rare hidden gems that hovers under the radar but is still armed with its own tractor beam, y’know what I’m sayin? 😀 Most usage of the English Language hands down!

So, going back to the messy quadrangle, hang on… hexagonal (?) relationship snafu in Marriage without Love. Holy Migrane, that mess needs to be straightened out STAT! I should not be dealing with anymore headaches during weekends o_O

Three new premieres coming up starting with tvN’s The Three Musketeers on Sunday and two on Monday; My Secret Hotel (tvN) and Discovery of Love (KBS2). How and where do they embed that time-warp element in their dramas? o_O

In honor of the brilliant FTLY Reboot episode 13, I give you the rest of Park Joon Hyung’s homies a.k.a G.O.D (Groove Over Dose):


The Blonde Spartan - Park Joon Hyung :)

The Blonde Spartan – Park Joon Hyung 🙂


Which KDrama wormholes have you been sucked into? 🙂



  1. Did you miss me? Ha! I have been traveling all week. I haven’t even been able to watch these episodes!! I will tonight (hopefully) then we can totally have a crush fan discussion!! Miss your posts!! Post more!!


      1. I’m developing Panda eyes at this very moment o_O LOL!
        Watching The Three Musketeers – I must say tvN is fast becoming a serious contender in churning out quality productions! I may tune in to see what the HooHaa-s about with My Secret Hotel and Discovery of Love tonight… how in heck will I be able to function the next day?… Unless I cling onto the newbies, they’re still fillers till I get to my main course on Wed-Thurs XD


      2. I am trying so hard to keep up with all my kdramas here but it has been so hard…Needless to say!! Ummm yeah… i have been taking a lot of “bathroom breaks” and blaming it on the food! Hahaha! I am still very behind and hoping to catch up before this Wednesday!! Our Gun us so handsome…i just keep falling in love with him all over again! Seriously…i hope the butt Se Ra out! I just don’t think she belongs in the show for more than one reason! Our neighborhood oppa is going to be having a rough fight!! Having seen the episode yet…I have been reading your reviews! Ha ha!


      3. Don’t get me started on Geon!! EhrMerhgerd!!! Hawtness Overload!!! XD

        And when he slips into those tender moments… DIES!

        Enjoy your catch-ups 😀


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