Fated To Love You Ep 14: From the Highs To The…

Where Do We Go From Here, My Dearest?
Or To Whom Will You Go To?


Return to the scene where they ceremoniously met again after a three-year separation.

Upon untangling themselves from the unexpected ‘bump’, LG in his state of drunkenness, is shocked that he was trying to get into MY’s room thinking that it was his. He murmurs his disbelief seeing her in front of him and reaches out to touch her face but…


Am I dreaming? I must be dreaming… Kim Mi Young-Sshi… my wifey

Geon is asleep on the sofa and MY watches over him.
This is her Geonnie-Sshi.
The man she gave her heart to years ago, and the very same man who also caused so much pain. She reaches out to touch him but stops herself in time and leaves him be.
As LG wakes up the next morning, he sees a note left by MY.
I’m letting you know just in case you don’t remember.
I moved you into my room after you passed out in the hallway.
Please leave my room before I return this morning.
It would be nice if we didn’t meet each other again.
Kim Mi Young
DAYUM! That’s coming from an ice box!
He may not have been dreaming about her after all, but the fact that MY didn’t want to see him again was rather disappointing to LG.
MY working off her inner turmoil on the treadmill, beguiled at how incredulous meeting LG was last night. Convincing herself she didn’t want to see LG again, even in her dreams.
LG takes his leave and returns to his own room, ” She’s no longer Post It…. She’s Super Glue. Super Glue”. And this short trip was witnessed by Daniel 😀
One of the charms of FTLY Reboot is how “text messaging” is used as a conversation tool for LG and MY.  So it was rather cute to see the conversation-ship blossoms between LG as “The Buyer” and unsuspecting MY…
She practically lights up when LG texts her (and vice versa – How CUTE!) and she asks a favor from him regarding the painting he purchased. She would like to deliver the painting in person and have a chat, but LG is not ready for that.
She tries to make him change his mind about it, saying it is too precious an art to be sold. Even offered him to paint new originals as replacement. LG is open to such offer. And then MY asks:
MY:  Do you perhaps have a child of your own?
LG:   A child? Why are you asking that all of a sudden?
MY:  Of all the paintings, you chose the one of a child
LG:   Yes, I do… a very pretty child…. 😥
MY:  If there’s a chance, I’d like to meet your child too
LG:   If we could do that, it would be pretty good too…
MY seems rather touched that someone loves the painting as much as she does because they both love their “child”.


Love it when they "text". It's the only way for LG to have a real conversation with his Sweetie (but she doesn't know yet it is LG she's texting to)

Love it when they “text”. It’s the only way for LG to have a real conversation with his Sweetie (but she doesn’t know yet it is LG she’s texting to)


The Unveiling of Long-lost Sister… Or Is She?

DP seems anxious. MY is with him and tries to calm him down. Seems he has contacted the person he has been searching all these years and their reunion was any moment now!

A man walks into the room, accompanying a girl and she’s – NOT SERA?! o_O

With flair, this girl runs to him and cries “Oppa!”. Why am I not buying this act? :/

Despite having “documentation of proof”, something smells like SCAM right here!

Don't you try to pull a fast one. I've got my eye on you... :O

Don’t you try to pull a fast one. I’ve got my eye on you… 😮

Project: New Collaboration with New Artist

LG with ST and younger bother discussing about business plan which involves collaboration with a new designer. And who did they have in mind? ELLIE KIM, of course!
Cue LG looking so lovesick  😀
But LG is adamant about not involving MY at all.ANDWEI!

So, little bro does his own ground work and meets up with MY. However, Geon shows up at the same venue too. Looks like this meeting was set up my Lil’ Bro! Awkward vibe all around!

MY:  I meet you again.
LG:   Yes.. The thing I was telling you the last time… I think there was a misunderstanding
MY:  It’s not a misunderstanding. LG, you were drunk and banging on my door. You were yelling and fainted in front my door. I could’ve acted not to know you, but
LG:   To me… To me (formal) Were you faring well all this time?
MY:  I was doing great, as you can see
LG:   Your style changed a lot.
MY:  You’re healthy, right? (remembering his medical condition)
LG:   Yes, I’m healthy. Yeah, healthy. I’m healthy.
MY:  Then, that’s a relief. I’ll get going first
LG:   Wait, Ms. Kim Mi Young-Sshi (not yet ready to let her leave)… You’re here anyways. I understand how you feel right now.
MY:  That project… Please find another artist. I think it’ll hard for me.
LG:   Why?
MY:  I’m more expensive than I think (LG cackles)
LG:   That’s not a problem at all. All I have is Money. That’s not a problem at all.
MY:  And… I think it’s best if we don’t see each other in any way. [LG’s heart was slightly dented by this I think]. Now, I’m not the Kim Mi Young you knew before. Lee Geon-Sshi. Like you’re not the same LG to me from the past. Even if we can’t do anything about our past, from now on, I don’t think we should create uncomfortable situations.
LG:  I think you misunderstand, Ms Kim Mi Young-Sshi. I have no interest in you whatsoever [WHUT? GEONNIE! STOP DIGGING THAT BLASTED HOLE!!]. Yeah, that One time… I hoped you lived a better life. Well, right now, meeting each other and starting over again is… Don’t worry, don’t worry at all. Yeah, don’t worry.
MY:  That’s a relief. Please do not ever change your mind.
And she leaves.

I can’t help but feel teary-eyed here 😥

His snail is no longer MY of old. She’s now Ellie Kim who charts her own life path. He tries SO hard to connect with her again, but she maintains her Great Wall of China and leaves him. And LG’s convoluted way of trying to not scare her off does the job effectively. UGH!
MY:  You did well, MY. Good job…   but I CAN SO CLEARLY SEE YOU’RE NOT SISTA!

Caught You Red Handed!

MY gets off and overhears a couple’s conversation. Turns out to be Daniel’s supposed long-lost sister and the man who brought her to Daniel. Dun, Dun, DUUUUNN! MY has figured them out!
Fake sister (FS), Daniel and MY are eating at a restaurant. FS announces she’s getting married, and paints a sad picture of not having parents or skills that her wedding day would be less than happy (yeah, yeah, yeah…) Of course big bro tells her not to worry about anything because he will take care of her.
He leaves momentarily to take a call and MY takes the opportunity to confront FS. Oh, feeling a tad uncomfortable now, does she?  Our Ellie, with spine of titanium, warns FS to not pull a fast one on Daniel or else (but done in a polite way).  Oooh! Talons are coming out big time! FS feigns shock by starting a catfight and guess who witnessed the whole skedaddle on the side? FS flees from the scene. MANSE!! XD
Daniel is in utter shock and MY comforts him. He recalls his childhood with his sister. She asked for ice cream and the good brother that he is, ran to get some, only to return and find her gone. From his life. Daniel decides to stop his search and focus his energy on making his own family (while looking directly at MY) … Oi! Oi! Look elsewhere Daniel-Sshi!! 😡

Conversation-ship Goes On.

Yet another text message from LG. MY steps out into the garden to continue their conversation as to not disturb her sleeping mum.



Tell me what bothers you… I may be of help… trust me… we’re both “women”… LOL!! XD

Trust Me, My Preciousss...

Trust Me, My Preciousss…

Apparently MY’s instincts about Daniel’s intention was spot on. She realized Daniel confessed to her unintentionally and has a feeling a proposal will happen next. Much to LG’s dismay!

Isn’t it refreshing to see how unguarded she is with a “stranger” who bought her art and even seek advice from “The Buyer”? How’s that for being Soul Mates? XD She feels burdened by this unsettling feeling and apologizes to “Ms Lee Young Ja” for sharing her worries.

LG assures her it’s not an issue, and she shouldn’t apologize. This is what someone older should do (for the younger). LG knows all about her since he’s her #1 fan. MY asks if she could call LG “unnie” instead.

Unnie? Sounds like Geonnie, yes? Bwahahahaha!! XD


Watching This Between My Fingers

MY receives a message from Daniel. This is it. The surprise that’s not so surprising…

LG is looking at a picture of MY telling himself to stay out of her life and cheering on for her success just like everyone else when he gets a message from MY:
I’m leaving Korea tomorrow. I trust you will treasure that painting (of a child) and leave her in your care.I’m sorry I couldn’t see you before I leave. Always be healthy.
Where’s the Panic Button LG? What to do? Ottoke?  He texts back asking where she was. LG is likely to seize this moment to reveal who “Lee Young Ja” really is.
MY sits in an auditorium where Daniel is making sandart, complete with recorded narration.
Daniel is telling the story of how they met and all that they have faced together in the past.
He knows she has been hurt and loved at the same time.
And now…

I just…

Can you hear that? Geonnie's heart is BREAKING!!

Can you hear that? Geonnie’s heart is BREAKING!!


I know, Geonnie... I know.

I know, Geonnie… I know.

How can you leave us WAIT for another 6 days, People!!

😥 😥 😡


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