Fated To Love You Ep 13: Totally Cirque De LeGeonnie!

Despite my rudimentary understanding of Hangeul, I still laughed out loud and clapped my hands like an excited Sea Lion just because of Hye-Larious Geonnie. I mean, Seriously! XD


It’s FTLY Reboot.

Geonnie, FIGHTING!

Geonnie, FIGHTING!

Another commercial is being filmed (by the same crew) but this time LG’s dongseng is on the floor with them too. Cameo Park Joon Hyung, one fourth of the First Generation of Idols, G.O.D.  Don’t let that platinum hair fool you. He’s in his mid-forties, but with a body like a Spartan! DAYUM!
And when LG puts on his swag walk and raps his way into the set (they couldn’t resist inserting seconds’ worth of clips when JH WAS a Rapper – priceless!) I started to slap my thigh silly.

Cirque De LeGeonnie has commenced!

Banners are up advertising an exhibition. She arrives with coffee for everyone and introduces herself as Ellie Kim. Daniel is like a proud Papa having seen her grow into her creative self, yet still remain humble, brimming with positivity.

LG is with Dr octopus, discussing his condition. Although he may be in the clear, he ought to not stress himself out too much. LG seems to take on a realistic approach to mortality and prefers to live in the moment. Doc is impressed with LG’s stance and inquires whether halmoni has been trying to hook him up with female acquaintances 🙂

MY’s friend, who now works in a match-making agency, is showing halmoni pictures of women who look like MY.  Setting up blind dates for LG to find a prospective wife who looks like MY 😀 She seems to be unfazed by the blue-ribbon backgrounds of the candidates and states that the person she’d prefer to have LG meet has to be:

  • Proud of her home town
  • Puts the welfare of others before her own
  • Someone who has impeccable manners (ie knowing when to apologize and be thankful)

This is absolutely KIM MI YOUNG-Sshi! XD

Daniel and MY are in his car driving to a restaurant. MY wanted to meet the Exhibit sponsor in person to thank for his support. Daniel extends his hand, waiting for MY to slip hers. Nothing romantic, but more of “We’re in this together” (i.e her debut as Artist/ Designer). PHEW! 😮

Geon is waiting for Se Ra outside a school. He brought her to a restaurant to enjoy a meal and she shows the gifts her students presented her. She tries to put on a necklace, but LG being the gentleman assists her.

And this HAD to happen:


However, LG and Sera have reverted to being just friends and he encourages her to go for whatever she wants to achieve since she is still in her prime. She does seem to be more fulfilled in her role as a teacher.
Of course MY has zero idea about:
  • LG and Sera remaining friends
  • The document Sera showed her before was not the Real Deal
  • LG actually drawing up a will to take good care of her once he was unable to
This situation need to be rectified ASAP! 😡
MY’s  mum is still in the restaurant business.  She shoos the family off after closing time, much to their relief. But the real reason for that is for her to prepare a dish for her special guest.
Cue LG singing and dancing like it’s his trademark. He’s kept in touch all these years! 🙂
It is obvious this particular Mother and “Son” enjoy each others’ company and she knew LG missed MY badly too.

“Na ya, Geonnie!” hee hee hee

LG finds it hard to leave the restaurant after he’s had his fill. And to think he goes there every night for supper! Later, MY and Daniel come by the restaurant. Barely missed LG! Mother is very happy to see them. LG is still driving and glances at his glove compartment, the shampoo meant for MY’s mum. He drives back to the restaurant but it’s closed.
LG goes home instead, and peruses the Profiles of prospective wife all laid out for him.
His response? “Is this some kind of Snail collection?”  Pfft!
In his man cave, surrounded by Gaeddongi’s things, he looks at MY flyer regarding her exhibition.
As he read through MY’s exhibition flyer he murmured, “Wow, my Snail is great! She’s really great. Gaed dong-ah, your mom is so cool isn’t she?” And blows the baby trumpet… all alone in his man cave 😥

Day of exhibition! 

It is being held at a hotel, and as FATE would have it, both ended up having the same room numbers when they were in Macau.

However! Both have NO CLUE that they are staying in the same hotel this time around 😀

LG gets room 2009, made a ruckus insisting that he be given room 2006 (apparently for the past 3 years, he always requested for room 2006 regardless of which hotel he stays in – AWWW!!)
Guess who got room 2006, opposite his? XD
She even pokes the number 6 just to make sure it’s not loose!

Operation Infliltrate Exhibition!

When he saw Daniel’s congratulatory wreath, he goes into full-on “I’m the Namja” mode. Places an order, but bigger and made sure he remains “#1”. XD
LG looks at the paintings. He lingers on one painting of a child, posing with the trademark “snail” sign, “Le Soupir” (Missing)…
Outside, MY’s family turned up for the exhibit. The painting of the child is shown, with a ribbon next to it. Oh? Does it have a buyer already?
After attending to her family, MY walks back to her painting and was surprised it had been purchased. She asks the lady what happened exactly. She could only say that the “buyer, Lee Young Ja” was insistent on getting it.

MY is in her room and looks at the information on the buyer of Le Soupir. She dials a number…
LG’s phone rings! MY introduces herself and he recognizes her voice.  It’s hilarious to see LG fake his voice hoping to pass as female! Apologizes for not able to continue the conversation, but will text MY later. SMART MOVE GEONNIE!
Operation Stalker Again
LG all dressed up in his Stalker Get Up, sneaks behind the round chair, but clumsily trips and falls. 😀
Hears the group urging for a Love Shot. Love Shot?
He goes to the bar, talking rather loudly too, attracting MY and Daniel’s attention. Straining to the best of his abilities from the bar, LG heard the group teased MY & Daniel about getting married
Someone’s feeling the heat 😀
And did they stop there? Of course NOT. The group chant turned to “Kiss Her. Kiss Her”.


And our hero’s imagination goes into overdrive:

I Want To See You But I Don’t Have the Courage Yet
MY is looking for the buyer and calling out to him. LG is watching her (from afar) and then takes out his phone to text her. MY smiles when she gets the message. She replies and he apologizes that he can’t meet her and he imagines talking to her while siting close by…

MY felt a tad disappointed, but wishes LYJ a speedy recovery and will contact her later.

LG:    I’d like to ask you something

MY:   Go ahead

LG:   What does this painting (Le Soupir) mean to you? .. Mi Young… (stops himself). No, Ellie Kim. Why do you want it back so desperately?

MY:   It was my first work in terms of true meaning, and above all else, it’s not just a drawing to me. It’s like a family member or a part of me.

LG:   Family?  Part of you?

MY:  It’s also the most precious, bright gem-like memory I have that I never want to forget

LG:   Now is the most precious and bright time and moment of your life isn’t it?

MY:   [Smiles] I like now too but it doesn’t compare to the memory I have… (Why am I telling a customer this?!) I can’t believe what I just told you since I have never met you. Contact me when you’re better. Please.


LG goes to the pojangmacha to drink his sorrows away. He clearly loves her after all these years, but can’t help but feel guilty too for losing their Gaeddongi 😥

MY is in her room and scans the baby journal, when she is pulled out of her reverie by a loud drunkard just outside her door…

MY:  Lee Geon-ssi, what are you doing here?
LG:   Miyoung-ssi? Why are you in my room?
MY:  This is my room.
They stare at each other.





  1. Have I told you that you are definitely my drama BFF? I think we might have been fated!! Hahaha!! I literally died reading this!! My heart is racing so fast. ..i think i might pass out!! Haha!! Oh my gosh…is he really 40 something because that man does not look a day over 30!! And I think i am falling in love with LG all over again!! Please someone stop me from falling over!! He is so hot….oh my be mine!! Actually I retract my old statement. ..she is pretty darn hot herself!!! She looks more mature and sophisticated!!!! I so want to watch it now!!!!!


    1. I can only imagine our reactions if we were watching ep 13 together. Better find a soundproof-room because of the non-stop squeeing/ fangirling/ gut-busting laughter!

      JH has re-written himself playing this role. OMG the amount of meta the writers have unearthed from his past and planted seamlessly into LG’s scenes – BWAHAHAHA!!

      They really do make such a Sweet and Cute couple and can’t help but ROOT for them to win the Gold! Such Awesomeness at only Episode 13? How can my heart take it till 20?


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