Fated To Love You Ep 12 Airport BTS

Mwuahahahahahaha!! XD

Staff 1:   So handsome~
Staff 2:  Why are you acting like you’re seeing him for the first time? You see him every day.
Staff 1:   It’s the real Jang Hyuk~ XD
JH:          What? Can I be a fake Jang Hyuk too?
Staff 1:   He’s the real Jang Hyuk~
JH:      A lot of things must have happened in those 3 years. After MY left LG… You know how some girls have haircut after a break up, I think it’s something similar. Wanted to give a different style for the remaining parts, so I got a haircut.
JH:      His style actually didn’t change much. His fashion and all…Through Ep 11 and 12, I developed some pity for LG. From Ep 13 and on he will not be a man who left the loved one because he loves her, but a man who still wants to be by her side because he loves her. I feel like we will see those kind of growth in him. Also him treating those around him a little better…Somehow having something like MY’s view in the way he views the world. Well it hasn’t been long since I’ve changed so it may be early to make a big statement, but that’s the big picture.
JH:       (On JN’s makeover) She really looks like she came from Paris. A female lead in Paris movie.
JH:       The drama has comic elements, but also has home-drama elements. We wanted to approach with warmth of family. Fun parts, (heart) touching parts… I will try to act them convincingly in approaching the audience.

❤ ❤ ❤

translation cr: gumi of soompi (Kamsahamnida!)

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