Fated To Love You Ep 12: I Did Not See This One Coming

OMO! What a PACKED episode this is!
Welcome to the Circus!

WHEW! I expected a heart-wrenching, gut-squashing episode after seeing the preview. We kind of knew where the storyline was headed with the accident MY had. But how she got involved in the mishap was excruciating.


With the heavy veil of Amnesia lifted, LG races to get hold of MY. Finally understanding the importance of the gentle soul in his crazy life, he finds her at her mother’s restaurant: Sitting outdoors cooing her sister’s baby.

This is where the Cirque-Du-LeGeon begins to form. He has made another arrangement with his lawyer regarding MY and the baby after getting more information about his condition from Dr. Octopus. Despite his obvious change of heart, he chose to wear the Amnesia Cape as a means to give MY a real chance at finding her True ❀

LG has decided to choose MY instead of Sera, and tried to let her go gently by saying that “he’s settling the MY matter”.

DUDE, Sera does not understand words like that.
Tell her like IT IS! :/

Edit:Β  OK, he DID say “Let’s Break Up. You’re not at fault. I will finish matters with MY too.” But Sera is basically clutching with her claws not ready to give LG up.

Sera, on the other hand, goes into Recovery mode (or rather I’ll-Catfight-To-The-Death-for-My-Man) by BeeYotch Beggin MY to leave them be. And even gives her a suspicious looking document to “confirm” LG’s decision to divorce MY. But we know better, BeeYotch :/


“Let’s Follow Our Own Paths”

LG walks her out and MY says she’s leaving. He tells her not to worry, Life will somehow work out for both of them. As she walks away, LG tells her something about herself:
LG:Β Β  MY-Sshi!

[MY whirls around to look back at LG who was still standing at the sidewalk, not able to walk away from her]

LG:Β  It’s not good to be too kind. Be more confident and less timid.
LG:Β  Remember, you’re like… Superglue.
[They both exchange smiles, LG turns around reluctantly, MY turns back to continue her journey… and slows down…]

BAM! She realizes LG has recovered and calls and runs after him.

And then…
Shall not dwell on the SOBS.


In this context, I’m glad to use this phrase to celebrate the UNEXPECTED HAWTNESS in the form of LG and wuri Snail, MY.


They are both in the airport, walking towards each other…

They walk towards each other... with only one of them recognizing the other.

They walk towards each other… with only one of them recognizing the other.

Wha- I seem to KNOW that person...

Wha- I seem to KNOW that person…

I think... nope. I DO REALLY know her!

I think… nope. I DO REALLY know her!

Strut your stuff Missy! You're an Independent Woman!

Strut your stuff Missy! You’re an Independent Woman!

Welcome back, my Mi Young-Sshi...

Welcome back, my Mi Young-Sshi…



And this is me:




      1. I am so excited for next Wednesday because I wonder how they will “bump” into each other again. Have you been able to catch any previews yet? (I really don’t know if there is one or not yet!)


      2. No previews yet. They’ll probably post one on the day itself knowing the rest of the world is waiting with bated breath! LOL! It would be interesting to see whether their “bump” will be coincidental or orchestrated… coz Geonnie is gonna WOO her like CRAZY!!! πŸ˜€


  1. you know what has been constantly on my mind? How will Se Ra play into this? Okay, although I really, really dislike her in this drama but I cannot help but love the name. I really can’t believe that he has not looked at that envelope that she gave him. Obviously he was puzzled by what it is…I mean a normal curious person (eh, like me!) would definitely tear that thing apart to see what is inside.


    1. With eight more episodes to go, I’m sure she will still meddle somehow. But I hope she returns to what drives her, and not cling onto someone who clearly has moved on.

      And… I have a niggling feeling that LG did not submit the divorce papers to be processed.

      Now, THAT’LL be an Interesting twist πŸ™‚


      1. I am praying that LG is not engaged to SR. I think I will flip a ton. If that is the case, MY should just run now and go straight to Daniel. They really are not “fated” for each other. I am keeping me patience over control right now but I have a feeling, what we have just witnessed is not the worse part yet…I think there will be some more painful moments and should I send you a box of tissue now? Whatever you are, it might be there by next Wednesday.


      2. Maybe beach towels would be better! HAHAHAHA πŸ˜€ No doubt there’ll be more angst and backstabbing and god-knows-what-else, but I have faith that the OTP will have a well-earned happily ever and ever XD

        I thought Daniel was “friend-zoned” in Ep 12? But hey, you’ll never know how our Snail blossomed while metamorphosizing (is this even a word?) in France and how she will carry herself in the second half of this drama.

        But I must say, Jang Hyuk certainly knows how to show his tenderness when the scenes call for it. That moment when he basically swooped in front of MY’s face at the last pre-natal class – HAWT DANG! I was fanning my face! And the way he looks at her when she’s not looking at him – DIES!!


      3. Ah! I am trying not to fall in love with him again. Why must you remind me of all the beautiful heart melting moments? HA HA! I know, that sexy thing is going to give him a run for his money for sure this time around! This version is way different from the Taiwanese version. I mean, completely different. I thought he was in the friend-zone too but I think he said that he was going to try and pursue her now. Perhaps he succeeded? Spoiler alert but in the Manga and T-version, he was engaged to the ballet feather (haha…I decided to behave myself) so I am just predicting…maybe the switched roles in this one and now she is the one that is engaged? Ah! I am so anxious to know!


      4. When I watched Jang Hyuk in Chuno/ Deep Rooted Tree/ Iris 2, I wasn’t exactly blown away by his acting. Sure, he was intense and those gratuitous flashes of choco-abs kept my eyes glued to the screen, but as Manic LG, that subtle switch to utter tenderness was A Complete Knock-Out!

        My jaw slacked as I was watching JH being LG. It was unbelievable.

        Lots of speculations floating about what will happen next (especially on the engagement switcheroo), and I can’t help but suspect LG still carries the guilt being the cause of MY losing their baby. But he’s like a moth drawn to a flame when it comes to MY. She may have changed her looks and walks with a more confident stride, but I believe she still has those values she believed in dearly when she was the “plain” KMY.

        I shall cast my usual spell for the rest of FTLY:
        “Shoo Sera, Shoo!” πŸ˜€


      5. I am dying for Wednesday to get here but I will be on a trip so hopefully I can watch it! Remember to recap/review for me! Your drama BFF is dying to know what will happen next! Yikes!!!!


      6. Apparently our Geonnie will be on the hunt for his gurl πŸ™‚ She came back as a fast-rising star in the Design world (thanks to her Oppa’s support) and LG will somehow orchestrate their fateful bump XD


      7. Yikes!! Did a new preview come out?! Will my drama BFF post the video? πŸ™‚ I am so excited for Wednesday…and guess what tomorrow is!! WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! I will think of you each time I shed a tear too!!!!


      8. We’re just two out of hundreds of thousands who are biting our fingernails off, anticipating the sparks and Fireworks that are sure to Go Off come Wednesday night (Korean Time). LOL! XD

        I just KNOW I’m gonna hyperventilate when that certain Namja comes on the screen!


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