Fated To Love You Ep 11 Clips

Awww… this episode is pretty heartbreaking 😥


Clip 1

When LG wakes up, he seems rather bewildered with the events that led him to be bedridden in the hospital.

And who does he see the moment he opens his eyes?  :/

LG has temporary amnesia 😮 … only remembers from his Macau stay.
And SOMEBODY’s conveniently NOT correcting him on that!

However, the top that Sera wears in this scene is so Apt! 😀 😀

Doctor reveals to Secretary Tak and Sera about LG’s medical condition: Huntington’s Chorea. Any more details on this, please Google It Up 🙂


Clip 2

MY rushes into the hospital looking for her LG, worried sick about his condition.

And when LG walks by MY while holding Sera’s wrist… 😥 😥


Clip 3

LG senses something is amiss, especially after reading the baby Journal MY had diligently updated.

When he sees the heart-shaped candy stashed in his drawer, the Real Macau experience surfaces… and REALIZES who he needs to have in his life! YE-EESS!

And those flashbacks of happy moments with MY ❤ ❤ GO GET YAW WOMAN GEONNIE!


However, I AM thankful to the writers for keeping the Amnesia trope within a single episode and not dive into the makjang end.


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