Upcoming KDramas August 2014

All Good Things will come to an end.

With a heavy heart, I prepare for the inevitable run of the iconic High School King of Savvy (tvN). Thank goodness we get to see the antics of eccentric LG a while longer before Fated To Love You wraps up as well.

I remember the catharsis post-Secret Love Affair 😥

Anyhoo, let’s breeze through the soon-to-be-aired dramas that can either dispel you from Kdramas temporarily, or suck you into a wormhole where you’re likely to sport satchel-sized eye bags o_O

Journal of the Night Watchmen:


I love Asianwiki’s ONE sentence description of this sageuk/ fantasy/ action drama – “Four night watchmen attempts to catch ghosts by patrolling from 21:00-05:00”

That’s It. LOL!! XD

  • Genre:             Period/ fantasy/ action
  • Episodes:        20
  • Broadcaster:  MBC
  • Start Date:     Aug 4 2014
  • Air time:        Mon – Tue 22:00hrs



You know, having a character that may have been a long lost cousin thrice removed from a certain Fairy, I’m intrigued by its role in this drama 🙂

I have yet to enjoy Jung Il Woo’s work since 49 Days. He was hamming it in Flower Boys and there were certain parts I found rather cringing.

Except maybe for the UNFORGETTABLE Kiss Scene in front of Everyone. Wooah Momma! This guy CAN KISS! XD


The Three Musketeers:


Once someone goes sageuk, almost everyone takes the same path (just like we had a deluge of noona-dongseng romance earlier this year). However, “The Three Musketeers” will consist of three series (or seasons) with each series consisting of 12 episodes. Similar to how Vampire Prosecutor/ TEN were packaged.

This is also a first for tvN to air a Drama on single weekend night.

  • Genre:             Period/ action
  • Episodes:        12
  • Broadcaster:  tvN
  • Start Date:     Aug 17 2014
  • Air time:         Sun 21:00

Having both Director and Scriptwriter from the awesome drama Nine: Nine Times Time Travel helming this drama, I have nothing but good vibes about Samchongsa.


Discovery of Love/ Romance:

Oh! A non-sageuk drama 🙂  As we have seen former OTPs reunited after a decade (ie Jang Hyuk – Jang Na Ra, Kwon Sang Woo – Choi Ji Woo) KBS has also entered their OTP Part Deux in this latest offering.


This drama is essentially about Han Yeo-Reum (Jung Yu-Mi) who is in love with her boyfriend, but her ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae-Ha (Eric), who realizes his faults appear when he faces her.

Kang Tae-Ha is a CEO of an interior design firm, who brims with confidence in both work and love. Intelligent with a strong competitive streak, he always gets what he wants, and he is extremely romantic when it comes to love. After meeting his ex-girlfriend, he begins to learn about true love.

Han Yeo-Reum on the other hand, is a furniture designer who lives with her mom who is a Drama writer. She sets her eyes on a new love (Nam Ha Jin played by Sung Joon) but gets involved in a love triangle when her ex-boyfriend (Kang Tae Ha) re-appears.

An aside: Jung Yu-Mi and Sung Joon have both acted in tvN’s I Need Romance drama series 🙂

  • Genre:             Romance
  • Episodes:        16
  • Broadcaster:  KBS2
  • Start Date:     Aug 18, 2014
  • Air time:         Mon-Tue 21:55

“Discovery of Love” takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by “Lovers of Music

Yeonaeui Balgyeon” is the title of this show which keeps popping up throughout the teaser 🙂

My Secret Hotel:

As we prepare to bid adieu to Savvy King, let’s dip our toes in the heir apparent, My Secret Hotel.


A romantic mystery drama that has murder and romance storyline taking place in one of the most luxurious hotel in the country. Yoo In Na plays the female lead, who is in charge of the wedding events department at the said hotel, torn between her ex-husband and a new man.

But of course o_O

  • Genre:             Romance
  • Episodes:        16
  • Broadcaster:  tvN
  • Start Date:     Aug 18, 2014
  • Air time:         Mon-Tue 23:00


Okay peeps… I’ve gotta get some nourishment before I keel over! XD




  1. What is up with all the “ex-lovers” coming back? Haha! Seriously. Pssh, must be a new trend. Ah, I am pretty upset right now. I have like five shows I am trying to keep up with and now my American stuff will start airing again for their Fall slots….then I also have football to enjoy. I already missed like practically the whole preseason games. HAHA Wait…I also forgot that I have a life outside of all this to keep up with. My life is so hectic and when I tell people about it…they just look at me like I am weird. lol

    Seriously though, I am so creepy…I just stalked your whole page. *Sigh, I am sad this summer is coming to an end. I have watched so many wonderful dramas and of course, dropped a couple. These break ups are getting harder and harder.


    1. HAHAHAHA!! You’re so cute! Stalk away, chinggu 🙂 I do the same on other blogs and sites for KEntertainment news too XD

      When non-KDrama-addicts friends ask me whether I kept up with shows like Scandal or The Crisis or The Bridge or The Originals… I’m like “uhhh” and you can hear cricket sounds in the background. LOL!

      Love reading your comments and insights 🙂
      Keep them coming!


      1. You know what is weird though? I recently watched Safe Haven because I finally finished the book but I felt like the acting suck so bad that I couldn’t even finish the movie. So I thought perhaps it was just that movie? But recently I discovered that I cannot really get into American movies. Odd right? I have no idea. Currently I am watching Fated to Love You, Marriage without Dating, Trot Lovers, Wonderful Days (Thank Geesh that show is ending, I was on my last nerve with it…hence I only watch parts that I really like), It’s Okay, That’s Love, and High School, Love on.

        Are you watching any other ones?

        I forgot to mention earlier, have you read the manga version of FTLY? It is a quick read.


      2. Aaahhh 🙂 You don’t know how HAPPY I am to realize I’m not the only one who is not Really Into Made-In-US shows ever since I immersed myself in KDramaland. Even while I’m driving, I’d rather listen to my KMusic on my playlist than the Radio! Hahaha!

        On my KDrama watch list: High School King of Savvy (the most adorkable OTPs evah!), Fated To Love You, Marriage without Love (right now verging on utter nonsense – they better rectify the sitch soon), Surplus Princess (caught me by surprise how HYE-Larious it is), still on the fence about The Night Watchmen’s Journal, God’s Quiz S3 (Korean version of CSI).

        The bar-none epic KDrama I’ve seen (to date) is still Secret Love Affair. The storyline may not be a cuppa for some, but the way it was written, directed, acted – jaw droppingly GOOD.

        I haven’t read the manga version of FTLY… Gotta figure out where to slice off some time to do that! LOL!


      3. I know right? W-T crap is going on in Marriage without Loving/Dating. I am so P-off. I cannot believe this week. It has been such a horrible week in Dramaland. I heard about Surplus Princess and I am really, really debating if I should add that to my list but I just so tired already. I know what you mean, I have K-Music on mind too and some Chinese stuff too. Too bad I don’t understand a word they are saying until an English phase comes up…then I am like “BOOM, they are talking about love!” Haha. I will find the manga version and post it on here for you. So when your not doing anything or bored, you can totally read it!

        Liked by 1 person

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