Fated To Love You: When LG Turns Green

Being such a stand out character should be enough for some, but having an equally manly (and taller) rival who has a soft spot for your lady love can be hazardous to one’s imagination 😀



Translation for MY & DP dancing scene:

LG:  Mi Young Sshi! I’m Home! (can’t wait to be with his wife) Snail!

[Looks around the room. Moves to the next]

LG:  Snail!

[Goes to other parts of the house]

LG:  Are you hiding? Kim Mi Young! Kim Mi Young! (getting a wee bit anxious by now)

[Tries to get her on the phone]

LG:  Where in the world did she go?

LG:  She couldn’t possibly still be with that lizard…

[Cue Slow Dance scene – complete with hawt makeover 😀 ]

DP:  Madame Lee, why don’t you raise a Neighborhood Oppa?

MY:  Of all Oppas, A Neighborhood Oppa is the best kind! You… Neighborhood Oppa!

[DP slams her hips against his… and vegetables of sorts fall off the table] – bwahahaha!!

[DP looks into camera as if saying to LG – You are Goin’ Down!]

LG:  Neighborhood Oppa! Surrounding Oppa! All Kinds Of Oppas! Gotta get rid of them all!


It also sweet to see how MY can disarm LG’s annoyance with just a hug.

MY:  I’m sorry. There was something I had to do. From now on I will not make you all worried.

The Ticking Time Bomb has been defused 😀
You can JUST TELL by looking at Jang Hyuk’s eyes…

LG:  You’re … making me speechless. So, I can’t even speak. I can’t, … I can’t just let you slide like this..

[And snuggles closer into her. They both relish the hug]


By the Power of The Snail! ❤





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