Savvy King Ep13: Reward for Hard Work Scene

Man! This Drama keeps getting better and better! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! XD

Writers Jo Sung Hee and Yang Hee Seung are doing a FANTASTIC job of creating a zippy drama, especially when inserting squee-worthy moments for our OTP and more importantly, keeping the angsty trope on a short leash. Applause, applause. You guys are fast becoming my favorite writers next to Jung Sung Joo of the legendary Secret Love Affair.


Spoiler Ahead… Your fate is a click away. You’ve been warned… 🙂

For the Savvy King campers who managed to view Episode 13 raw, it essentially was about skinship lines drawn, emergence of a possible leader in Team Fake Director’s camp (in the form of our sweetly quirky SY) and SY’s determination in helping MS get his feet back onto the ice rink.

We know she’s Resolute when decisions are made. MS had waved off her various approaches in getting him to think positively about Ice Hockey, resigned to the fact that his injury has sidelined him forever from his passion.

Our total-non-athlete heroine went on a personal-physical-challenge journey to prove to him that despite her shortcomings, she armed herself with steely determination and resilience to achieve what seemed impossible in the beginning.

You can see how much his heart was brimming at the end of SY’s “If I Can Do It, You Can Too” speech on the high bar.

SWOONS!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Bonus addition: Just got hold of this baby – BTS of playground scene 🙂

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