Savvy King Ep 15 Previews

Feast Your Eyes on these Savvy King Ep 15 Sneak Peeks!! WooHoo!! XD

SY: Bbili Bbili~~ Oh my!
DH: You kid
MS: What are you guys doing?
SY: It’s my future brother-in-law. Ahhh…
MS: Besides here/this, everything else is yours. You can touch anywhere you want.
MS: Could it be???
MS: You pervert!


HS: Tell them to confirm the investment money and hurry up.
MS: If you won’t stop, I will make you stop.
JW: Pago is indeed a bit strange. I think the project should be halted.
MS: I don’t want to take revenge! What will you do with your life?
SY: Guess who I am? Bbili Bbili~~
JW: If we invest money, it will be the end of Comfo.
HS: I don’t care what my life will lead to. I am fully prepared before I began (the revenge plan).
MS: Do you think this is what Dad really wants?! What are you going to do with your life?
Translation cr: debbieleung from soompi (Kamsahamnida!) 😀

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