My Secret Love Affair Obsession

I am one of the thousands (ok, maybe hundreds of thousands) outside South Korea who diligently follows Korean Dramas (ie KDramas).

I first noticed Yoo Ah In in Sungkyunkwan Scandal where he played the role of justice-seeking rebel from a noble family. Not a lead role, but (hooboy) he commands on screen.

Then came along Secret Love Affair aired in Spring of 2014 (next week is the final run of this masterpiece). He plays the role of a 20 year-old piano prodigy who finds a soul mate and love in a 40 year-old Director of an Arts Foundation.

yai_sla01A story about a May-December relationship, but with a much older female actor is a first for KDrama. However, the manner in which the narrative unfolds in unexpected ways, scenes immortalized in sublime cinematography and purposeful dialogues (no such thing as fluff fillers in this drama) is simply staggering.

Such an intelligently poetic drama written by Jung Sung Joo under the exquisite direction of Ahn Pan Suk, Secret Love Affair has created a league of its own.

Nothing Else comes close to this definite classic-of-all-time.

OK, this is Yoo Ah In acting as Lee Seon Jae, the pianist wunderkind.

This particular scene of him performing a concerto is to record Lee Seon Jae’s performance for consideration of the Bussoni Piano Competition Preliminary Selections.

The concerto takes place in Incheon Arts & Cultural Center where Yoo Ah In is accompanied by Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra.

For reals: Yoo Ah In does not use a stand-in.

Inhale the Awesomeness… and hence the obsession…


I am so gonna have serious withdrawal symptoms after Tuesday night, 2210hrs, local time.

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