HOT! HOT! Fated To Love You Ep 10 clips


If I can find that Double Smoooch ❀ scene in the beginning, I would SO POST it here with Neon signs blazing, complete with bells and whistles! But, let’s just enjoy LG’s hormonal frustration after the rather “ahem” totally impromptu yet inspiring rendezvous with sweet MY πŸ˜€


Clip 1:
Someone finally scored some accidental skinship in bed! And also FINALLY figured out a way to Cool Off!! And he actually believes his current predicament can be taken care off with a visit to the doctor’s? HAHAHAHAHA! Cue: Religious texts strewn all over his desk to ward off the “monster within”.

LG has been Snailed!


Clip 2:
So sweet to see MY interacting with LG’s family members and not have negative thoughts about them.Β  Another one to unwittingly eat fish eye! Tee Hee!! As she makes entries in her baby journal, we get to see how far both LG and MY have grown into a legit couple and witness the blossoming of real love between two most unlikely personality pairings.

And Someone’s libido is sorely tested. Yet Again πŸ˜€


Clip 3:
MY contentedly waiting to meet up with her Gunnie under the watchful eyes of her protective Oppa. Unbeknownst to her, LG had fainted and promptly sent to the hospital.

And all of us in the FTLY universe shall chant in unison “NO AMNESIA. NO AMNESIA. SHOO, SERA. SHOO!!” :/


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