Savvy King Ep 12: Breathing Speaks A Thousand Emotions

If you Do Not want to find out what happened in Episode 12 of High School King of Savvy, then proceed No Further.

However, if you want to re-live the giddy happiness and sinus-inducing ending scene of Episode 12, then you may proceed.

If you don’t give a hamster’s ass about consequences of watching this drama haphazardly, then hell yeah, proceed XD

fullsizephoto446562Savvy King followers world-wide were waiting with bated breath whether Soo Young and Min Seok will reconcile and move on to the next phase. There were some campers who rooted for Team Soo Young and Jin Woo (a.k.a Abs-licious Vampire 😀 ) since the drama began, but after watching SY’s personal journey of realizing things and persons who matter most to her heart, she becomes Resolute.

That is why I this beautifully written role of an unlikely heroine.
She’s SO REAL!


MS makes his way to the school entrance, glumly “walking” to his other vocation when he realized who was waiting for him there. Standing all alone, albeit with a little more spine, holding the choco puck in her right hand.

Listen to His Breathing.

First, it was disbelief.
Then, gratefulness that SY came at a time when he absolutely needed her the most. You can sense he was trying very hard to rein in his happiness, so as to not scare SY off.

Throughout this charged scene, MS simply looks at SY. You can literally see his heart pouring out from his searing gaze.

SY with both arms stretched out with the puck in her right hand. Viewers couldn’t see what she did as the Camera was from her POV, but it was the signature MS clap-before-you-jump-into-my-arms move. How utterly Sweet!!



SY:   It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

SY:   When I’m in so much pain, I feel much better if I say that spell.

MS:  <just keeps on breathing and allowing himself to be embraced in SY’s warmth and comfort>

SY:   It took a toll on your handsome face. You should’ve been more careful. You’re an idiot.

SY steps back, takes a breath before continuing…

SY:   I can’t take it anymore. I can’t relax at all. I should stay next to you and watch you. I need to do something. You
can’t even take care of yourself. I should… <hesitates and cringes>

MS quickly reaches out to hug her tightly. Both of them simply breathing and taking their time to allow this crucial moment unfold.

MS:   I Missed You.

SY:    I don’t care if you’re Lee Hyung Seok or Lee Min Seok. I don’t care if you’re twenty-eight or eighteen.
I LIKE you So Much.

MS grateful for her forthrightness and heartfelt confession.

SY:   I feel like dying if I don’t see you. I … missed you too.

Both SY and MS continue to hug at the school entrance.

Be sure to watch the clip in HD coz I caught a tear drop from MS as SY laid her soul bare at the school gates 🙂

I Dies


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