Yumi’s Cells: The Unexpected Delight

After a lull period of so-so Kdramas, I knew the tsunami of good ones was just around the corner. However, Yumi’s Cells was not on my list of MUST SEE drama. Goblin was ok, but seeing Kim Go Eun in The King: Eternal Monarch, my hopes were – well, not even on any scale.

So it was on that fateful Saturday night when I just checked in to Episode 1 of Yumi’s Cells (I didn’t know Shinee Minho was even part of the cast – omaigad, yes this drama was waaaaaaaay down my pecking order).

By end of Episode 2, I was practically pinging with delight and felt like shouting to the universe at midnight how AWESOMESAUCE this drama ISSSSSS!!!


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Ashin of the North

Anyeonghaseyo yarobun!

How have you all been this past weeks?
Miss Corona is definitely a permanent resident in the NOW Normal – and despite living through the second year of her reign, I still find myself adjusting a few aspects of my everyday life especially when working from home.

That is why making time to appreciate KDramas after work hours is such compulsory balm for my soul.

Hope you’ve found a rhythm that helps you live your everyday life in the best possible way.

Let’s get back on track about the much-awaited premiere of Ashin of the North this month!

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My Roommate is a Gumiho: My mid-week saviour

Truth be told, Jang Ki Yong is an enigma to me.

With visual striking looks, he can pretty much stand out in a sea of equally stunning male models. As for his acting abilities – well, let’s just say he’s still a work-in-progress.

So with almost zero expectations, I tuned in to the premiere of My Roommate is a Gumiho where he plays the male lead, Shin Woo-Yeo, a 999 year-old nine-tailed fox, a professor/ writer in modern times. His lifelong dream is to become a human, and to achieve this, he has to collect human energy in his inner foxy bead. 🙂


Drop That Beat: Daniel Caesar (Feat. H.E.R) – Best Part (Cover)



The first time I saw her was on KPop Star. She’s Lee Sung Eun, Korean American who won a spot for the “live auditions” in Seoul. Her wide-eyed excitement of just being in the high-stakes talent-spotting process was so refreshing to see.

She was inspired by Sam Kim’s journey from the previous KPop Star season. With that singular thought of “if he can do it, so can I,” she mustered her courage and flew across the Pacific where the rest of the world will discover the unassuming savant.

She’s just so talented that Yang Hyun Suk, JYP and Yoo Hee Yeol can’t pin her down to a genre.

Being a recent passenger on the Daniel Caesar Train (via Jacob Collier), I find her cover rather poignant and intimate ❤


Drop That Beat: RAIN(비) – “나로 바꾸자 Switch to me (duet with JYP)

Anyeong Yarobuuuunnn!!

Wishing you all a Joy-filled, Adventure-laden, and Consistently-Healthy New Year!

2020 was more of a Twilight Zone for me. Nevertheless, we shall look forward to fresh beginnings of sorts in 2021 🙂

JYP has been instrumental in Rain’s phenomenal entry into the Entertainment industry, and seeing this collaboration between them is simply delightful. Mind you, JYP is double (triple, perhaps? hmmmm) in age of many idols today, but he can still slay those moves 😯

It’s always fun and insightful to see the makings of such work 😉

Love it when there’s English caption already 😉

Kairos: Underrated Champ of Time Travel Genre

Truth be told, I had to look up the meaning of Kairos – it sounded like a page from my Mythology 101 class.

So according to Wikipedia, Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.
In other words, the central plot of this drama was about precisely that: opportunities taken and choices made.

After a few time-travel bombs cough_TheEternalKing_cough_Alice_koffkoff I gingerly watched episode 1 of Kairos – and after 45 minutes in, I gasped, “Omo. ALL of that in just the first episode?” HOLY AMAZEBALLS.

Still unsure of its traction and grabbage-factor, I gave myself another handful of episodes just to see if it was going to take that loopy road to crazytown which Alice did in spectacular fashion…

Omaigad yarobun.
I’m so happy to say that THIS IS A TIME-TRAVEL DRAMA DONE RIGHT!!

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The Uncanny Counter: Big Surprise Hit

Anyeong yarobun!

If you have not stumbled upon this rabbit hole with astonishing grabbage-factor, you’re missing out BIG TIME.

It has hit its half-way mark and talks are already underway for a possible second season 😯

If that is NOT an indication of a drama’s super bulldozer power, let’s have a virtual chat over a cuppa.

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