Money Game: I cannot move on…

Folks are just not ready to let go of the Hye Joon/ Eugene Han loveline from Money Game. Yoo Teo is not new to the acting world, and there’s an interview I stumbled upon which shed a lot of insight into him as an individual and as an artist.

It’s close to a month now since Money Game aired its last episode, and there are even moar fan-made videos of this “couple”! Hahahaahaha!


Below is a scene from second half of the drama where Eugene is kind of besotted with the no-nonsense Hye Joon:


Hyena (2020)

Two rival lawyers working for the top 1% of society’s upper class are fearless in traipsing boundaries between right and wrong to beat their enemies and succeed.

Yoon Hee-Jae (Joo “Dreamy” Ji Hoon) and Jung Geum-Ja (Kim “BadAss” Hye Soo) are the kind of lawyers who will go to extremes in winning their cases (and sometimes cross line to poach super-rich clients). Jung Geum-Ja is more a street-smart savvy lawyer whose brain has super-speed strength in improvising tactics or seeing patterns that may serve her. She wins her cases using any means necessary.

Image from AsianWiki

Yoon Hee-Jae, on the other hand, grew up in a family of prestigious lineage (lawyers and a judge in the fam). One of the fast-rising stars in Song & Kim, he has his own team who works like an well-oiled machine to ensure their winning streak in court cases.

So, when episode 1 begins with their romance, my spidey sensed a refreshing angle to this “lawyer” drama. Meaning, we have a slew of 15 episodes of professional bickering, laser-sharp insights into problems and the customary moments of thiccc sexual tension 🙂


Money Game

This was soooo not on my watch list this year.

Summary of this drama: Powerful movers & shakers of the financial landscape in Korea – can’t seem to be content with status quo. Any backdoor dealings that benefit only the few always spells bad news for a country. After the 1997 IMF crisis, South Korea may seem to be on the verge of facing such possibility again due to those who vie for power.

Image from Asianwiki

I’m one of those who just won’t gravitate towards storylines as such… well, with the exception of Default (2018 movie) which I happened to stumble upon during my flight back to home town. This movie was goooood.


Blurb: Her Private Life

It takes a rather special, out-of-this-Kdrama-universe Kdrama to get my fingers fly across the keyboard to say something about it. There were a few “close call” ones, but if I could wrestle my way out of its tractor beam’s strength, then it wasn’t compelling enough for me to write.

Until Her Private Life aired on April 10 2019.

O.mai.gad yarobun

The fact that I could only do this entry after the show has completed its run, speaks volumes of its lethal level of spazzing.

That’s right folks.
Spazzing and squeeing about it in between its weekly airing was mandatory 😆

Cliff notes version of this drama:
Sung Deok-mi is a talented chief curator of Cheum Museum of Art, who also happens to lead a double life of a fanatic fangirl of White Ocean’s Cha Shi-An. Not just serious fangirling, but she is also the fansite manager of “Shi-an is My Life” website.

Ryan Gold is a standoffish artist who suffers from Stendhal syndrome after succesfully launching his career as a much-sought after savant. He becomes the new Art Director of Cheum Museum of Art when the current director was suspended due to suspicious embezzlement activities.

After four episodes in, and an unfortunate case of presumption, thanks to an almost sasaeng, news spread like wildfire about Deok-mi and Shi-An’s supposed covert relationship.

Enter Ryan to the rescue by suggesting he and Deok-mi pretend to date to keep off Shi-An’s fanatic fans who threaten to harm her.

Can you see where this is gonna lead down the yellow-brick road? 😀

Would anyone in their sane mind refuse Kim Jae Wook – oh sorry – RYAN GOLD as their pretend boyfriend? o_O

This has been a throughly refreshing KDrama I’ve enjoyed watching in years. There was no dragging makjang episodes, the noble-idiot hiccups, the “we’re from different worlds” angle, the case of mega-miscommunication which would eventually take on a life of its own, memory loss… what else have I left out?

Oh yes! The dragon of a mother-in-law, the vengeful and sharp-clawed ex…

HAHAHAHAHA!! I’ve been watching WAAAAAYYY too many Kdramas!

If you want to witness the journey of forging a friendship, and then the blossoming of romance in one of the most mature manners ever, then plan a marathon binge soon.

Once you’re done with that, BINGE AGAIN!

And having a director who is not shy of including many kissing scenes – and I mean you count those scenes with BOTH your hands – certainly helps with this drama’s tractor beam level.
Heads Up: proceed to YouTube for their numerous Behind The Scenes takes. Freakin’ OMAIGAD 😀

This drama is SO WORTH IT ❤ !!

Blurb: Misty

If only networks could pace the amount of good dramas to broadcast, my Kdrama viewing life would be set. However, we know that shall never happen on a consistent basis 🙂

So, on a rather quiet evening, I perused the backlog of dramas that have premiered but didn’t get a chance to watch (and assess its worthiness to invest my time). I saw Misty, with one of my fave actors, Ji Jin Hee, in the lead role.

OK, this could be promising…



BLURB: The Avalanche Has Hit

A couple of months back, it was such barren KDrama-land for me as I struggled to get hooked on a drama… any Kdrama 😩  When I catch myself watching TV series that are not produced in South Korea, I’ve scraped the bottom of the Kdrama barrel.

My instincts told me, it was an impending sign of a major deluge, of a fabulous kind.

I was Right. And I’m in Big Trouble 😱

I need this thingamajig NOW! 지금!!


Thank God Weekend’s Here 23

Anyong Yarobun!

Allow me to begin my entry with the iconic sound-effect from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:


Say it ain’t so! Andwae!!

One of my favourite shipped-to-life couples, Nam Joo Hyuk & Lee Sung Kyung, have parted ways. I was just re-watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo this past week, inhaling the love and re-living those moments when they indeed fell in love with each other. Of course they inserted that standard template of an excuse for the falling out, but they are young, and have so much more to experience too.



JiJi couple, you’re my only hope (at the moment) for yet another reel to real-ship.

Maybe I should re-watch a classic like Coffee Prince or Secret Affair, because there’s no way in heck those OTPs are gonna get on board the cruise line 😆

Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😄