Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I just HAD to say something about this little dynamo that can hold its own against The Legend of the Blue Sea.

While many viewers were anticipating the premiere of Lee Min Ho’s latest drama, a few of us tuned in to Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo mostly out of curiosity. Well, maybe not so for Nam Joo Hyuk’s die-hard fans, but we’re talking about David & Goliath proportions when these two dramas were pitted against each other in the Wed-Thurs prime time slot.


As I watched Lee Sung Kyung’s character transformation (from Bee-yotch Doctor in Doctors to No-nonsense Athlete in WFKBJ) in Episode 1, I had a feeling this could be her defining moment as an actor.


Thank God Weekend’s Here 22

Anyong Yarobun!

This has been one of those “Catch-Up” Weekends for me, drama-wise. Come Monday, my brain will switch gears to “where did all that time go?”

😄 😄

When realization hit on Saturday morning that I had Mirror of the Witch, 38 Task Force, The Flower in the prison, Beautiful Gong Shim to sink my mental teeth into just for the weekend, I felt a sudden tide of bliss. YAASSSS!!

Weekdays are meant for Doctors, Beautiful Mind (an under-rated drama, IMHO), Lucky Romance and Uncontrollably Fond. I know. Squeezing in KDrama during weekdays in between Real-life tasks is an art form ^_^

However, there is one newbie who flew in under the radar and has all the interstellar potential to knock a few Home Runs during its run: The Good Wife.

And no site (that I know of) is SUBBING this Gem 😦

Unless you know of a site that does English-subbing regardless of on-air grabbage factor.
Let me know, STAT! ❤

In the meantime, this is me waddling through my limited understanding of Hangeul while watching The Good Wife:

Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😀


Breaking News:
KDrama Gods have answered my prayers!
The Good Wife has been subbed! YAAAASSSS!!! 😄

Thank God Weekend’s Here 21

Anyong Yarobun!

Just so I do not have guilt-trips come weekends, there are a few things I’ve got to get done before KDrama Mega-Catch Up like:

Laundry. Driving kids to classes (yes, on a Saturday o_O ). Folding clothes that were left on the dining table because everyone waits for Momma to do so.

Then, I get to make myself a cuppa, settle down in my viewing spot and inhale the goodies that will pretty much take me to dinner time 😀 😀

There was a KDrama draught for me a few months back, but now (even before Uncontrollably Fond premieres) it’s like torrential rain. And I mean torrential to the power of Mangled Apricot Hellbeast level of downpour.

Okay, Descendants of the Son was the exception. One episode in and my reaction was “Hell no. When did Joon Ki become such a Namja?” As in Alpha-Namja? Swoon.

Someone needs to create a time-travel mechanism so that we can still contribute to society while living in a parallel universe (applicable only to hardcore KDrama viewers) o_O

What’s the torrential list I have come weekends, you may ask?

Mirror of the Witch (Fri & Sat)

38 Task Force (Fri & Sat)

Flower in the Prison (Sat & Sun)

Beautiful Gong Shim (Sat & Sun)


Doctors (Mon & Tues)

Lucky Romance (Wed & Thurs)

And then the cycle begins again…
See the deluge? o_O


Have a blast of a weekend, peeps! 😀

Blurb: Oh My Venus

Well, well, well.

After saying a proper farewell to AwesomeSauce Kim Shin Hyuk of “She Was Pretty”, I thought it was going to be an uphill battle to fall in like with another drama right after…

Perhaps a replay of massive withdrawal symptoms after the phenomenal run of Secret Love Affair…

But, I was DEAD Wrong o_O


I thought “Oh My Venus” was going to take that beaten-to-death path of popular-girl-becomes-frumpy-and-#loseweight-get-boyfriend-back.

And I’m SO DAMN GLAD it’s not.

And I’m SO DAMN EXCITED that Shin Min Ah is kicking ass in this drama as a sweetheart with a heart of gold and oozing with “am no doormat to nobody” attitude whether skinny or not.


Blurb: She Was Pretty Ep 14 – Heart Slayer


Didn’t I just mention how Kim Shin Hyuk slayed me thus far in She Was Pretty?

Didn’t I just mention how AWESOME-sauce Choi Si Won has been as Kim Shin Hyuk in this drama?


Not gonna talk about the meandering story about “Will We or Won’t We” sink plot line in Episode 14. In fact 95% of this episode was stretching The Most about doing all they can for the magazine. But, in the last 10 minutes of the 4th Quarter, my jaw slackened at how A-may-zing Kim Shin Hyuk is.

Sorta Spoiler Alert!!

He sneaks Hye Jin out for a date in one of the most unassuming ways I’ve seen (even in real life!) and she ends up spending the entire day out with him having a great meal and acting like kids at the Theme Park. He was, in his way, creating memories with her and filing them away as one of those moments in time when he fell in love and had to let go.

Of course he HAD to re-enact their signature radish scene, but this time, in a posh hotel setting…